Brussels Airlines Dash 8 Smallest Fleet I’ve had

Going back after a terse staycation in another country, I have skipped to tell you about my unforgettable experience in one of the smallest fleet that I’ve ever had. As I have remembered it was a Brussels Airlines Dash 8 fleet. Normally when I take planes it’s always a big ones or if not small ones like from RyanAir but never this kind of size.

It was our way to get home from Prague to Brussels City. I still kept all the photos and vids though cause I did want to share it. However, with the stress going on I have completely suppressed it.

I was clearly astound by the petite plane that we got. in the end I found myself amusing and taking up videos the whole time. Since most of the time I get severe headaches while on the plane I manage to sleep so that I won’t feel the pain on my head.

Prague Airport

Prague Airport

Arriving at the airport it was quite okay, I have a lot of experience in visiting bunch of airports so I find it just fine. Not so special than any other airports around the world.

At the entrance, you’ll directly see the check-in counters and the big flash screen of the incoming flights and information. We were there a bit in advance, it’s because of our rented car returned to Firefly office.

There were not so many people, it wasn’t too crowded but there were people around, as usual, it’s an airport.


With more than an hour to wait for our check-in time, we decided to hit a coffee break. We just chose it like it wasn’t really a matter of brand. There were a lot of cafés around and we just thought to buy in this Costa café.

There were people waiting but I didn’t mind since we had a large time ahead of us.

Costa Couple Coffee

costa couple

I ordered the biggest of what they have (gourmand girl) I took a cappuccino and for my partner, I got him the darkest that they have.

Costa’s coffee taste? hmm, nothing really like mind-blowing. Compared to Starbucks I guess they’re just the same. It depends on your preference really. But for me, it was good as I love cappuccino.

In the mean time, we are enjoying our stand by mode having a goof coffee with a view of the airport madness. A few minutes more and we’ll start dragging our luggage and jump into check-in counter as the early bird as possible. We got a check-in luggage to do so we should go there once the counter is open.

what’s the purpose of that? to pay nothing even if our luggage is overweight (wink) another tip for you guys.

Airport Gates

airport gates

The hassle fuddle of security control is already conquered and we are now going to our designated gates. Still another hour to wait before the gate will open.

The interior part of the Airport has a modest space, people can wander around freely without any problems. Toilets are available everywhere. (which is essential) Shops were just spreading around the vicinity. Lastly, there’s a free wi-fi where you can surf with a good connection.

I really hope this time the cabin crews take their time to get into the aircraft before we arrive. fingers crossed!

A few moment more and I was sensing the boredom, I need to deviate myself! what I did was browsing some good stuff online. (not shopping promise)

Suddenly, I approached the officer on the gate and ask when will the gate be open, and he replied “in 15 minutes”  for about 10 minutes of waiting. They finally opened which means the flight is not delayed. Yehey!

Brussels Airlines Dash 8

Brussels Airlines G-CEOI

Finally, the gate is open and we are about to discover which plane we will ride. We took a bus and waited till all passengers are install.

I noticed that there was only one bus for all passengers. It means that we’ll gonna be flying with a half-empty plane then. However, when we get to the taxi area I saw a bunch of small aircraft around including this Brussels Airlines Dash 8. Is this means we’re riding one of them?

That’s gonna be my first time if it is.

Brussels Airlines G-ECOI

Hence, our plane is a Brussels Airlines Dash 8 fleet, at first I felt intimidated. What if we’re going to crash (aww negative thoughts) I should not think that way.

Excited and freaking out at the same time. Here we are boarding in this minuscule plane.

Brussels Airlines has actually many fleets assigned in different areas of the world (well those countries available) like most in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the United States. Usually, fleets fly to different destinations according to the length of the flight.

Aircraft are normally equipped with comfortable leather seats and other comforts. There are fleets like Avro with 97 seats, Airbuses A319  with 141 seats, A320 with 180 seats, A330-300 and  A330-200, and lastly the Brussels Airlines Dash 8 the smallest, with 78 seats, serve in some European destinations.

The Interior

Brussels Airlines Dash 8

The interior part of the plane was a bit narrow, plus the most height I guess is 2 meters. Getting to your seats will be a much more complicated cause even me a 5-foot girl can’t stand up straight. I can’t imagine those tall passengers.

There was only two-seat from each side, I’m still repeating it in my head that how amazed am I to see this minuscule plane and I’m on it.

Interior part

Apparently, some parts inside weren’t as neat as I have expected. Oh well, it’s a small old plane so that’s how it is. Right after the take off while filming every second of what’s happening. I wanted to sleep cause my head is starting to get dizzy.

I tried but with the blast of the propeller, I cannot just sleep that easily. After all, it was just a 2 hours flight so I guess I could bear it a little more.

My Whole Experience

Finally arrived, 2 hours has adjourned. We are all “safe”! in advance! yes! I can decisively sleep at home smoothly and peacefully.


Over all experience, it was really great. For a first timer, of course, the problem was my dizzy fizzy head. The rests were okay. There are just some things that annoy me a little.

First is the commotion on the aircraft’s propeller, since my seat is just beside it I could hear it perfectly. Secondly, was the marks that I saw on the table of the seat in front of me. It’s just a minor but I have to point it out so the crew will have to clean it properly.

No complaints with the flight it was cheerful and smooth, some slight turbulence but not too much pressure and stress.

It was the nicest feeling to be in a petite fleet. Would I ride again? Yes, why not! Brussels Airlines Dash 8 is not that intimidating, in the end, it was more exciting!

Score : 9/10 


Dash 8 Experience

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10 Responses

  1. Aditi says:

    What matters at the end is that you had a good trip. Ignore the few points that didn’t live up to your expectation 😉 BTW – those Costa Coffee cups are massive! I want them! Cheers!!

  2. Tyra says:

    Hehe, the smallest airplane I’ve been on was a Malaysian Air one in my trip from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. It was small like this Brussels one. I was surprised myself. Nevertheless I’m glad you had a good trip, you probably didnt remember it because you were having so much fun! Congrats on finishing Blogtober!!! Looking forward to more road trip and cosplay posts!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Tyra, this was a good trip indeed! I have also tried Malaysian Airlines and I guess it was more bigger. But since that accident happened was afraid to try with them.

  3. Travelquartz says:

    haha enjoyed reading this experience of yours, I have heard stories about propeller planes and how dizzy they make you feel, once I realized flying from Delhi to Dehradun I was in the similar plane, thanks to good weather it wasn’t that bad !!! Cheers ( Costa Coffee )

    • Alexine says:

      Thank so much Travelquartz, Yes, since I have a complicated sense of smell and nausea prone, it’s really difficult but I always try to deviate my attention to other things.

  4. Thanks for your like!

  5. Helene Choo says:

    Such a cute plane!:) I’ve been on a few of these, and it’s true that they’re usually narrower than others, and getting in and out of seats gets complicated haha! Sounds like you had a smooth flight though:) We had both Costa and Starbucks in the UK and I think they’re pretty similar too…both really yum!:D congrats on completing Blogtober!! <3

    • Alexine says:

      Yes, Helene, so far the smallest that I have, even in Philippines we have smaller aircraft but this one was really petit. I’ll get you some Costa next time. 🙂

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