Borderlands 2 Cosplay by Kaori Leit, Belarus

Good day, guys! I now you’ve been waiting for the next featured cosplayer this week. Today would be special cause the cosplayer that we will know about is from a country that I haven’t expected to have this talented cosplayer. From Belarus, Ms. Kaori Leit, she has a long list of cosplay works including the impressive Gaige of Borderlands 2. 

Let’s meet this fabulous first cosplayer from Belarus. You’ll be swayed with her daring creations and eminent cosplay works such as from Soul Eater, Hunter X Hunter, D.Gray-Man, Pokémon, and many more. 

Thank you again to you Ms. Kaori Leit for letting us know about you more and thank you for inspiring other cosplayers! More projects and success to you! Stay still and be awed by her cosplay life. 

Borderlands 2 Cosplay

Gaige of Borderlands 2

Gaige of Borderlands 2 photo by Akami777

Hello everybody! I am a cosplayer from a small and beautiful Belarus, which is often mistakenly considered part of Russia. My nickname is Kaori Leit, but most of the time I’m just called Kaori.

To me of 25 years of the life, 7 years I am fond of everything, that connected with cosplay.

At the age of 15, I first learned what an anime is. Then in my country, the Internet was a rarity and the anime fans gathered every Friday in a certain place to chat or exchange manga or disks with anime.

On to such events, sometimes came about a hundred people and it was very fun. There I met many people, some of them made cosplay. Of course, ten years ago the level of cosplay was very low in my country – there were no necessary materials, but still, they inspired me.

In the early years, I soon helped others and watched their work, but at the age of 18, I decided for the first time to make my first costume. It was the character Gyl from the otome game Will’o Wisp.

First Convention and Experiences

Gaige of Borderlands

Gaige of Borderlands 2 photo by Akami777

My first anime event happened in 2007. It was the festival “Higan” and I came to support my friends who performed on stage. This was a magical discovery of a new world for me. Due to the fact that many participants and spectators knew each other well, the event was very homely.

Perhaps this is the atmosphere prompted me to go out the scene in the next year. I played a secondary role in the scene, I had a very simple dress, but I can say that this started my cosplay enthusiasm.


Final Fantasy photo by Akami777

Final Fantasy photo by Akami777

I already mentioned my first suit. It was the character Gyl from the otome game Will’o Wisp. I sewed it completely myself than I could be a bit proud. I was lucky that my mother – a seamstress. She helped me to make patterns and gave advice. It also helped that at home there was a sewing machine and other things needed for sewing.

Patterns on fabric, I drew a conventional gouache, because I did not know then about paint on the fabric or applique. But the main test for me was a wig, or rather the broken curls creation on it.

In the action then everything went from the dryer, varnish to smoothing-iron. Since there was no way to freely buy what needed for cosplay, I’m used to doing all the costumes myself.

Now I can sew, embroider, knit, make papier-mâché, sculpt, work with wood and plastic. Of course, I learned how to make wigs and finished make-up courses.

For the last costume, I learned to make shoes and began to study electronics. Due to the fact that I do a lot of myself, over the 7 years, I have done a lot of costumes – only about 50.

All of them called long, but my favorites, this is Aranea (final fantasy xv), Hisoka(Hunter x Hunter), Jessie(Pokémon), Gaige(Borderlands 2 ) and many others.

Unforgettable Experience

Jessie of Pokémon

Jessie of Pokémon photo by Akami777

I am a very optimistic person and I know how to find a way out of trouble. It helps since my motto is on anime events: “If something can break, it will break.” Therefore, I am always ready for this. I always carry a glue, adhesive tape, needle and thread, money and so on.

The most unpleasant incident was when I’m at the beginning of my career ordered a piece of a costume from a familiar master and he did not have time to make it by the deadline.

Then I was ready to burst into tears, but I took myself in hand. I to put on a ready piece of clothing and improvise the missing parts. After that, a torn thing or a worn out pattern seems to me trifle, which I can handle in a couple of minutes.

Definition of Cosplayer

Jessie and James of Pokemon

Jessie and James of Pokémon photo by Akami777

For me, cosplay is an opportunity to create and learn new things. To feel yourself in the skin of your favorite character is how to live a small life. Here you can become a princess or a magician, a pirate or a knight.

For cosplay, there are no boundaries, just like for fantasy. I like it very much in it. The older generation in my country consider cosplay like a children’s hobby, but it’s not. I believe that cosplay is the direction of art.

Thanks to cosplay, I met new people not only in my country but also abroad. I travel a lot and study a lot. Thanks to this hobby, I feel that I can realize all my dreams.


Hisoka of Hunter X Hunter

Hisoka of Hunter X Hunter photo from Kaori Leit

I follow the work of various cosplayers not only in Belarus but also abroad. It’s very difficult for me to single out one person, as everyone deserves words of praise, but from the Belarus cosplayers.

I admire the works of Dark Inkognito and NikiStu (she will represent Belarus at the festival in London this year). With them, I met at the Unicon in Minsk and I hope that someday our interests will coincide and we will be able to work in one team.


Jasdero of D.Gray-Man

Jasdero of D.Gray-Man photo from Kaori Leit

Even a small achievement is a precious memory for me. I have won competitions many times, published in magazines and books, but most of all I liked to take part in festivals as a jury. It was an unforgettable experience and a great opportunity to see other countries and meet new people.

But the main indicator that I make good cosplay is my fans on Facebook and other social networks. Their support inspires me more than any letters and medals. I will try not to disappoint them further!

Piece of Advice

Dabi Boku no Hero Academia photo from Kaori Cosplay

Dabi Boku no Hero Academia photo from Kaori Cosplay

Communicating with foreign cosplayers, I realized that my experience is different from them. In Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, cosplay this is “work”. In these countries, if you started doing cosplay, then you should make it perfect and people do not hesitate to say about it.

But how many people, so many opinions: someone likes your cosplay, some do not. Therefore, beginners are always difficult and it is necessary to learn not to depend on someone else’s opinion.

In Europe, people are friendlier and therefore: “Enjoy what you are doing.” But in any country, if you want to get a good result, you need to know that there are no trifles in the cosplay. You can not neglect something.

The better your suit made, the more details on it, the better your wig is laid, the better your makeup – the better the photos and the performance on the stage.

I always pay special attention to the painting in a suit. In my experience, it is thanks to it that you can hide some of the shortcomings and enhance the costume’s dignity.

Open Message

Kaori Leit

Kaori Leit

I plan to hold several photo sessions in my native Belarus and Russia  in 2018. Hoping that next year I will visit more festivals in Europe and expand the number of my friends. I also want to devote more time to my Facebook page and upload not only my photos but also the tutorials on how I make my costumes.

I am always open to various creative ideas and therefore I will be pleased to listen to any proposal for cooperation. Therefore, if you are creative people.

You can write me on my Facebook, Instagram, WorldCosplay, and Patreon. I will answer you guys!

Kaori Leit, Belarus

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