Blizzard Cosplay, WoW, Diablo3, & Overwatch by Sonry, Russia

Welcome back everyone to our Cosplay Interview Series. I’m so happy to present you this next featured cosplayer. Yes! She’s from Russia another talented and skillful cosplayer. Showing us her Blizzard Cosplay creations from World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch. 

Among her incredible works is Necromancer of Diablo 3 which was out last year. She has done D.Va as well, Ashura of RG Veda and let’s not forget one of her best cosplay Sylvanas of World of Warcraft & Heroes of the Storm. 

Her recent cosplay was one of the main characters of Houseki no Kuni (Land Of The Lustrous). She also did Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan which I’m very excited to show you all.

I would like to thank again Ms. Tanya for letting us know your story and your cosplay life. Thanks for the patience too!

Let’s welcome everyone our cosplayer today Sonry! 

Blizzard Entertainment Cosplay

Blizzard Cosplay Photographers: Dobrolis, Justmoolti, & Eva

Hello! I’m Tanya (Sonry), living in Moscow (Russia), I’m a student at biological faculty, and also a Cosplayer since 2012. I’m also a big fan of geek conventions and I really like visit our conventions, for example, AVA Expo.

How did I discover Cosplay? Oh, it was long ago (haha). I was 16 and my friend asked me to cosplay with her Len and Rin Kagamine at anime festival in Moscow. We joined a group of other cosplayers and together we made a performance on stage with singing and dancing.

They were super talented guys and it was really beautiful, I was really happy to be part of it. So, I befriended with them and later I met with other awesome people. The more you visit conventions, more you get new friends.

And I was staying in cosplay mostly because of that great people, I really like to take part of interesting projects with them. Now I’m trying to level up my skills and make more challenging costumes and focus on solo projects.

First Convention

Sylvanas Windrunner Blizzard World of Warcraft/Heroes of the Storm Cosplay Sylvanas photo by Eva

My first convention was at Moscow and as I said my friend asked me to participate in it together, we made a great performance and got 1st place. It was embarrassing, but we also were really proud. I saw super talented guys on stage, who made greatly costumed and it was a great inspiration to me.

Last year in August, I visited Italy and my visiting of San Marino coincided with San Marino Comics (local convention). It was really surprising and big luck for me. I was surprised that convention takes place just at the streets of this old medieval city.

Common people don’t need to buy a ticket to it and just walking, looking in stands, making photos with cosplayers  it was really nice, I like it!


Sylvanas Blizzard World of Warcraft/Heroes of the Storm Cosplay Sylvanas photo by Eva

Sewing is a still hardest part of making costumes for me. But I really liked making armor when I started Sylvanas from Wow/HoTS. Now I have a lot of armor costumes on my to-do list!

Also, I watched how people starting use leather and latex in costumes more and more so I want to try to use it next cosplay too. New materials are always interesting and challenging part of making costumes.

Usually, I making armor using EVA foam covering it with Worbla or our Russian analog of it “BubbleStar”. It’s pretty easy in use and not that heavy as many other materials.

Sylvanas was my first all myself done costume and I really feel what I leveled up a bit and I see how much I still need to learn. It’s my favorite character and favorite cosplay now.

Worst Experience

diablo 3Blizzard Necromancer Diablo 3 photo by Kirchos

Uhm, I’m trying not to focus on such things. It’s our hobby and I think it shouldn’t make any bad experience. But I still remember my fails on a stage and still feel awkward.

And, I think, it could be mentioned, what it’s really frustrating when some shops and companies use your photos to sell their costumes or to advertise their events without your agreement.


Diablo Necromancer Diablo III
Diablo Necromancer Diablo III photo by Dobrolis

I know lots of very talented cosplayers! Here they are:

Yalga                                   Haruhi
Aliza                                    Adelhaid
Katya                                  Himera

Definition of Cosplayer

Dva Cosplay Blizzard D.Va Overwatch photo by Justmoolti

Cosplay is a way of showing love to a character for me. No, really. It’s hard to me to do a cosplay without any feelings to a character. But the character design also means a lot.

Sometimes you see a character and think “Oh, I love it, cool stuff.” But sometimes “Oh my God! I HAVE to cosplay this!” And you understand your soul was sold (haha)
Cosplay is an important part if any fandom.

When I wasn’t a cosplayer I always was looking for cosplays of my favorite character to see how they can look in real life. And I saw that many game companies trying to invite cosplayers to take part in any events to represent their games. It’s really awesome!


The greatest achievement for me was a compliment from my favorite streamers and YouTubers (Wyrmwood, UncleBjorn and Naur) It was really flattering. I got dozens of motivation for my next cosplays!

I really want to have a chance to participate in BlizzCon Cosplay contest! Someday my dream come true, I will work for it.

Piece of Advice

Armin Attack on TitanArmin Attack on Titan Photo by Eva

Guys, always remember to be kind and tolerant to other Cosplayers sometimes. It’s a hobby and it’s a really amazing part of your life what connected us by all the world.
And don’t be afraid to accept new challenges, don’t say “I can’t do this…” You can! Just a little patience and always try your best.

Open Message

Sonry Cosplay

If you like to know more about my Cosplay creations follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt. 

Cosplay always was a huge part of my life. I like to make costumes myself and making every costume I’m trying to learn some new techniques. Awesome cosplayers all around the world and great games, especially Blizzard and Final Fantasy series, are a huge source of inspiration for me.

Blizzard Cosplay, WoW, Diablo3, & Overwatch by Sonry, Russia

Sonry cosplay

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