The Best Way to Visit Lourdes when it Drizzled

Lourdes is in the foothills of Pyrenees mountains in southwestern of France. It is perfectly known globally for its sanctuaries Notre-Dame de Lourdes, they call it also a major Catholic pilgrimage site.

Did you know that millions of people millions visit the Grotto of Massabielle ? It’s normal cause the Grotto is where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a local woman in 1858.



Devotees or Pilgrims can drink or take a bathe in the water spring of the grotto freely. However what we didn’t know is that Lourdes has a tremendous other sites to offer, not only the sanctuary but also the beauty of its City as well.

A brief Road Trip

Early in the morning in Barcares, we started to coordinate the necessary things that we need to transport with us. It’s a 3 hours and a half route to Lourdes, France. We took our companion with us and drive straight to the place.

Staring at the sky, hoping that it won’t rain when we get there. Fortunately “Pachimari” is there to make me smile, while jaunting I notice we pass 3-4 times of toll stop. It makes me think that we need to pay a bunch of euros for tolls again.

Few hours later, we embark in this lovely city full of people with unusual attire, they are actually Pilgrims who serve in the sanctuary.

Arriving at the city’s main site, I noticed that the rains starts to pour. (luckily I didn’t forget to bring my umbrella).

So we started to search for a parking place and look for a cheap restaurant to eat lunch.

Scampi Meal


A 5 minutes walk from where our car was park, we didn’t hesitate to get in and ordered some food. We both chose scampi (large shrimps) accompanied with rice and salads.

The meal wasn’t bad a great way to spend time inside a restaurant while its raining outside.

There were old women in the restaurant as well trying to order in spanish and it was so funny cause their accent was different from the one I use to hear. (Castellano)

After our meal we ordered two cups of coffee, best way to end the meal of course. nothing can beat that!

Sanctuaries Notre-Dame de Lourdes

lourdes place

As we were walking on the streets, I saw some souvenir shops selling certain empty gallons. The purpose of this is actually to put the holy water and give it as a souvenir to your family, friends or relatives.

I thought of buying one (5L) it was around 60 cents, the lady from the souvenir store was very kind to us. She even spoke with me in Filipino (my language) and I was truly surprise how did she found it out. I thought maybe because of my nose (an asian appearance).

Rain didn’t burden us to visit the sanctuary and besides I have dreamed of coming here for a long time. I wouldn’t devastate all our effort just because of the rain.

The Interior Part

interior part of lourdes

interior part of lourdes

lourdes interior

Entering the interior part was has a huge impact to me, I can feel chills all over my body. A bizarre feeling that no one can explain. Watching those people kneeling, with their deepest thoughts praying it hits me down into my veins.

I saw a bunch of handicapped persons assisted by their chaperon, my heart was broken every time I see each one of them passing by.

The Spring

the spring lourdes

Getting out, It still drizzling a little bit so we open out our umbrellas and march to get some holy water. We saw a couple of people queuing on a place where beside the big rock near the sanctuary.

Not knowing about what is inside, we also joined the queue and realize that It was eventually the Grotto.

The srping

Our Lady of Lourdes

the grotto

The apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a 14-year-old Bernadette has change the world of the Roman Catholic religion. It has attracted millions of people to visit this place, its said to have 5 million pilgrims every season.

The story of Bernadette started, when she told her mother that one day a mysterious  in white, with a golden rosary and blue belt fastened around her waist, and two golden roses at her feet. the lady spoke to her in the cave of Massabielle.

Latter the lady admitted to Bernadette that she is the Immaculate Conception, and the story spread thought out the village.

Blessed Virgin Mary said to appeared to her 18 times and Lourdes became the major place of Roman Catholic Pilgrimage and of it miraculous healings. They say that if you are suffering an incurable diseases, the holy water of the spring will cure you miraculously.

The Grotto

the grotto

Every season, the whole place of the sanctuary is filled with devotees even hotels are full of reservations. If you’re planning to go here? here’s a good advice. reserve your hotel in advance!

Did you know that the City of Lourdes has the second largest number of Hotels in France after Paris? Yes! it is.

lourdes place

lourdes photo

Meanwhile when we finished visiting the grotto, we found the place where to get the holy water and filled our 5L gallon with. On the other there was a curious corner where people where sitting and waiting for something, I have no idea what was it.

I approached a man and ask him about the notion, and he said it was the water spring from the grotto where people can bathe and drink.

There were a lot of people waiting but I’ve clinched myself that instead of queuing to bathe in the spring.

I would prefer to pave my way to know who are more in need of it.

Upper Portion of the Sanctuary

upper part of the sanctuary

upper part       upper part of the church

higher portion of sanctuary

the cross

Second part of the sanctuary was the portion where you will discover more about Marie-Bernadette Soubirous life. About her history, detailed story how she met the Lady Immaculate Concepcion, and how people believe her.

She is known worldwide as Bernadette of Lourdes, if it wasn’t of her people won’t affirm about the existence of Blessed Virgin Mary.



virgin mary

Third part of the Sanctuary

3rd part

church part

The milieu of the third part of the sanctuary was more intense, we visited the site and read every each of the descriptions of the memoir of Bernadette’s. The interior section has a bunch of thanks giving, prayers, and donation notes from pilgrims.

Afterwards we went to the terrace and took couple of photos from the top. The outlook was splendid, though the sky was in grey image. It was an absolute perfection with the city, lake, and the fort château.

View from the top

from the top

upper view

lake view

view from the top

Descending from the upper part, we walk for 5 minutes to take our car and next destination? the Fort that you can see at the end of the photo? that’s where we are going.

Don’t forget to follow our next adventure, a tour in the Château Fort of Lourdes, and be amaze of the skyline view of the City.

The Best Way to Visit Lourdes when it Drizzled

lourdes drizzles

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  1. jaimieweb says:

    It’s a beautiful place. I hope I get to go there one day.

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    Great write up, thanks for sharing!

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    Photographs are mind blowing and Such a peaceful place. Love to visit this place atleast once in life.

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    Awesome post. Tell me what does it take to become a travel blogger? How do you manage?

  6. Jane S. Susaeta says:

    Never been there. I love the pictures!


  7. Jason says:

    France is so romantic and artistic, I love your photographs so much !

  8. Oh my lord! What a stunning place and your pictures are great! If you like Cathedrals or Architecture, you need to visit this place!

  9. hal says:

    i’ve been dying to go to france – and that little grotto looks so quaint & beautiful nestled there against the wall

  10. oxsian says:

    What a stunning place full of wonderful buildings! I haven’t been but it looks so beautiful i am adding it to my list!

  11. That is a beautiful place and the photo and post did a great job of taking me there.

  12. White Pen says:

    The architectural designs are really amazing. Though it rains there are still many who visits the place. Every walk on the place seems really worth it

  13. In and Out of Vegas says:

    BEEAAAUUTTIIFUL> This is definitely on my bucket list. I am Catholic so I have always wanted to go here! Thank you for these gorgeous photos.

  14. You’re photography skills are AMAZING. You sold Lourdes to me from the get go!

  15. Wow! what a beautiful place to visit. I just loved your photographs 🙂 Would follow your tips if ever got a chance to visit this place.

  16. Shell says:

    What a truly amazing and beautiful place to visit!!! I loved every all of your beautiful photographs!

  17. Sarah says:

    What a beautiful place to visit! I love seeing old churches they just have this mystical feeling. It reminds me of my trips to France when I was younger. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Diyah333 says:

    Such a beautiful place. Even if it was drizzling. I really liked the pictures you shared of the Spring.

  19. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I would love to do a pilgrimage to Lourdes! Visiting the Grotto would fill anyone with a sense of peace and renewed faith. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  20. Catvills says:

    It would be a dream come true for me to have a chance to visit Lourdes! I really want to go to the Grotto. Thanks for sharing your experience and your lovely, lovely photos. It made me feel like I was there myself.

  21. uprunforlife says:

    The shrimp scampi looks so good. I miss eating fresh seafood since I moved away from the coast.

    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos. I love learning about new places in this world.

  22. Neha Patil says:

    So many places to visit… adding this one in my to travel list!

  23. says:

    Wow, impressive sanctuary, and interesting story of the place.

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