Bedazzle in Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge Prague is the Gothic bridge that connects Old town and Mala Stana in the Prague banks of the Vltava. It is mostly known as the survivor bridge since it has survived from the country’s worst flood experienced in the past 500 years.

Praha’s Extension

Charles bridge


The bridge filled with baroque statues and two towers standing on each end of the bridge. Staromestská vež on the Old Town end and the Malostranská vež on the Malá Strana end.

charles bridges 4

Charles Bridge Prague

The bridge is one of the famous landmarks of the city which attracts not just tourists but also residents. Hawkers, musicians, artists, crafts art and souvenir vendors are all over the place.

According to photographers the best time to visit the bridge is in the dawn when no one’s passing or walking and you can have the bridge all yours. The most beautiful photos of the bridge is on winter. 

Travelers prefer to come here on winter to get the perfect angle shot of snow and the bridge. If you prefer to travel in winter? you can do Skiing at the nearest place in Prague at Moninec about an hour drive from the city.

Old Town Bridge Tower

Old Town Bridge Tower

Old Town Bridge Tower 1

Strolling til the old town bridge tower, crowded folks welcomed us. The streets covered with people’s noises, I had this impression that they were roaring like bees.

From the Old town square, we directly went to look for this popular bridge in town. Some people say it’s as beautiful as the London bridge of UK.

Walking for about 15 minutes we finally reach the bridge part, but not the right one we found the other bridge beside the Academy of Arts of Prague.


Vltava River

Vltava River

vltava river bank

vltava river bank 2

Vltava River 1

As we arrive at the bridge next from Charles, I was automatically captivated by the view. The river itself is adorable, watching those boats and cruises around the area makes me want to take a tour as well.

A River running from southeast forest to north, commonly called “Czech River”. The longest river in the country, with 430 kilometers (270 mi) long and drains an area about 28,090 square kilometers.


river bank

Vltava River is famous for its Cruise attractions, from one-hour cruises to long evening cruises with dinner or music. The city offers River Cruise a range of regular and private cruises. EDV which offer mostly regular cruises and JazzBoat combination of cruise and jazz concerts.

The Vltava has a refreshing environment and charming atmosphere. From taking the cruise you’ll see unique views of Prague’s architectural marvels. On the way, you will see the Prague Castle, cruise beneath the historic Charles Bridge Prague.



Duration of the regular river cruise is about 50 minutes which cost 12 € (adults), 7,5 € (children). Private cruises like dinner cruise with music, luxury with a 3-course meal, lunch cruise, and dessert and drinks cruise.

The tour will take 2 -3 hours and cost from 35 € (adults), 20 € (children).

Jazzboat tickets are from 27 € without a meal and 41 € with the meal inclusive. You can reserve online via JazzBoat

Lovers Promise




Apparently, Charles Bridges became the tourist attraction of every couple in visiting Prague. Several Love Locks attached on the side of the bridge some lovers padlock, a promise of forever in with each other, It’s clearly becoming like in Paris.

Would you make you love locks promise here too? Me, maybe in the next visit.

Charles Bridge Prague

charles bridges

charles bridges 3


Charles Bridge Prague

in the bridge


Charles Bridge Prague indeed is the busiest place especially in summer, I wanted to take as many photos as I can but all I have are photos of people around. 

As I walk further I noticed this group of Musicians, they are really professionals. How they play their instruments are pretty flawless. I watch them and recorded some videos so watch out for it.



Other views in the Area





river view

river view 2

After a while, we were getting ready to go back to our hotel so we walk again from the Bridge to Palladium Shopping center. We definitely enjoyed the outline of this beautiful pont of Charles.

On our way, we bought a cone of potato chips really delicious and cheap, I’ve also seen that special bread they sell on the streets. But in the end, we didn’t buy it cause we need to go do our groceries in an ALDI store.



Finally, we have made our groceries for our dinner that night. We spend about 200+ CZK around 9 euros for some good stuff (water, food, fruits, chips).

I can truly say that Prague is one of the cheapest cities that I’ve ever been in Europe. The first day in the city has adjourned and it’s time to relax and prepare for the next day adventure.

First-day Experience 7,5/10

prague castle

prague castle

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25 Responses

  1. Heraa says:

    I would love to put a lock on lover’s promise. The cone potato chips looking yummy. I would love to listen to those musicians

  2. Helene Choo says:

    The bridge looks so pretty! I find those lovers’ lock bridges really cool, I put one on the one in Paris, but it got taken down because the bridge was in danger of collapsing due to the massive amount of locks on it! Such a shame:(

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks, Helene, Yeah I have heard of that critical situation of Paris Ponts. Unfortunately, tourists are now restricted on putting padlocks on the bridge. It’s sad but its also for the sake of the bridge. You can now go to Prague to put your lovers padlock 🙂

  3. Jaimie says:

    I would love to go to Prague. A friend of mine went there and loved it.

  4. Travelquartz says:

    nice destination….. how is it like to live in such a place i wonder 🙂

  5. Michael says:

    It seems like Prague is really good value for money

  6. Aditi says:

    I was just waiting to read all about Charle’s Bridge. It looks so lively – so much to do. 🙂

  7. Kimberly says:

    I haven’t been to Prague yet but your pictures and videos especially the lock bridges are absolutely beautiful !

  8. I loved Prague so much and it was such a reasonably priced place to visit as long as you avoided the tourist traps! Plus the beer is great 🙂 We got up and went to the Charles Bridge at 4am to try avoiding the crowds!

  9. Tyra says:

    I love when musicians and vendors are in the streets, it brings life to a place. The bridge looks beautiful. Perfect for a date!

  10. I would love to visit Prague and this looks fantastic!

  11. Sundeep says:

    After reading your blog, we will definitely add this place to our must visit places list. Thanks for sharing

  12. Teya says:

    Oh wow, i thought it was more expensive there, thanks…

  13. WoW I am really loving your posts and photos on Prague, soo much I cannot wait to go again. Thanks for sharing so much valuable information.

  14. Noel says:

    Prague will always be my favorite city in Europe. Though I haven’t been there yet, the city’s architecture is one of the finest I seen (though only on film and photos).

    By the way, Baroque architecture always reminds me of a very special person.

  15. Rahat Arora says:

    Prague is nice destination but yet to explore in my list. Though with your pics I somehow came to know much about Prague. View of bridge is very amazing

  16. This is probably the most comprehensive travel guide for Prague! You are a very awesome travel blogger. Will go through the blog posts so we can learn a thing or two. Now, we all miss Prague!

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