To 5 Favorite Beautiful Places to go by Explore Forevermore

Grateful to be back for our Guest Post Blog Series, today we’ll gonna welcome another blogger or shall we say, bloggers. They are actually a couple Sara and Michael they form the lovely blog called Explore Forevermore. They will share with us their Top 5 Beautiful Places to go, from Europe, Asia, and Australia. They will definitely give us some happenings of their travels all over the world.

beautiful places to go

About Sara and Michael

These two are highschool sweethearts and eventually got married, their ultimate passion is Nature and love for Animals. They even went on an expedition to the jungle in Guyana, South America.

This admirable couple has already traveled more than more than 20 countries and they intend to visit South Africa and Mozambique next. Among the countries that they have visited are Slovakia, Iran, Laos, Sri Lanka, Panama, New Zealand and many more.

Surely, they will visit all the seven continents soon!

Their blog has a very interesting feature, they love sharing their stories including their budget for the travel, places they stayed, experiences, and mostly travel guides. Are you excited to know their Top 5 Beautiful Places to go? No doubt you guys are!

Let’s open the travel stories book of Explore Forevermore and learn about their tips and recommendations.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

We were supposed to stay 2 days because we must admit, we are not city people. However, our honeymoon got off on a “good” start as it turned out we’d forgotten our driver’s license and we would have to stay an extra four days.

However, soon we discovered that this city had a lot to offer. For those who are particularly keen on real city life and touristic sites, there is the harbor area with the original city (the rocks), Sydney harbor bridge and the Opera House.

Across the bridge, there is the Luna Park. For the foodies, the map to the city might as well look like a treasure map! From three hat Quay all the way to Sydney Chinatown, there is a treat for everyone.

We have a problem with our sweet tooth and especially liked Adriano Zumbo and Koi. However, one of the main reasons why Sydney ranks this high on our list is that you can escape the city feeling in just minutes.


If you like to take a hike and wander around through some coastal scrub head over to Manly. If you like to take a sunset stroll across the rugged coast, or if you’d like to catch an early morning surf session: head over to Bondi beach.

Sydney is a huge but livable city. In the end, we spend more than a week in Sydney and we have a feeling we might be back. For the long-term.

Leuven, Belgium

Leuven, Belgium

This is probably is the most surprising one from the list. The reason, though, is simple: we were lucky enough to call this place home during the time we were studying. It is a small city with most of the main sites within walking distance.

Leuven is the typical student city: 100,000 regular citizens and 55,000 students. As such the city is brewing with life during the week but might seem dead on a Sunday morning.


Make sure to check out the central square (Grote Markt) with its elaborate Gothic Cathedral and City Hall. You’ll notice that most of the houses have a sandstone brick with drawings of fire on them.

This means that the original buildings burned down during world war one and reconstructed. The most famous of these buildings is the central library at Ladeuze square.

Financed by the Americans it looks like a library right out of the Harry Potter movie. Also visit “het begijnhof” were pious Beguines used to live. End your day less pious and visit “de oude markt”, also known as the largest bar in the world because every building occupied by a bar.

Visit on Thursday night and you’ll experience Leuven it has to be experienced. One final local tip might be “het Dijlepark”, which is a small park next to the Dijle (the river passing through Leuven), with a small pond and the most picturesque iron bridge going over it.

If you come here on a warm day, this place might be the place for a picnic.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang Laos

The trip from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang was supposed to take 4 hours. After booking, we were told that these 4 hours suddenly turned into 6 hours. On the way, we realized that it would take 12 hours.

In a van that was too small for me to fit in. We arrived in Luang Prabang broken. But luckily Luang Prabang is the perfect place to heal.

The atmosphere is just amazing, tucked away in the mountains with lush green surroundings and a typical French colonial architecture. The French influence does not stop there as you can have delicious baguette flavored with Asian influences. Fusion cuisine at its best.


For those who are looking for spiritual healing can go to some of the most beautiful temples in Laos and you can pay your respects to the Buddhist monks that are collecting food every sunrise in a ceremony that is called Tak Bat.

After your spiritual cleansing takes a refreshing swim in the Kuang Si waterfalls which are some of the most beautiful in the world. End your day with a visit to the evening market.

The day after, wake up and repeat again. At least we did. It did take us longer than expected to reach Luang Prabang but in the end, we also stayed longer than expected.

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

While writing a certain pattern started emerging. In our top four beautiful places to go, we have called two of them “home” and the other two made us feel at home. Milan is one of the two that we called, and still call, home.

Home to Sara’s grandmother we would visit Milan on a regular basis. Since her departure, this has become less often but still, home is home. However, apart from that, it is one of the great cities to visit.


If you like some drama, try taking the metro to the Duomo and as you walk up the stairs see the Duomo rise in front of you. While standing in front of the Duomo pass to the left of it and you’ll find the stairs to go up. The view is amazing and the architecture stunning.

Close by is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, with an impressive glass dome in the center. For the real Milano, experience stand in line for the Panzerotti that you buy at Luini. For those unfamiliar with Panzerotti, this is small folded, fried pizzas. Just try it. Delicious!

If it’s summer and you want something special go to the Idroscale, an old landing strip for seaplanes, where you can chill. Spend the evening looking for an Inoteca (a wine bar) in one of the hip areas: Brera or near the Navigli, a complex of channels which designed by Leonardo da Vinci and are now the scene of a lively nightlife.

Bangkok, Thailand

bangkok, thailand

The biggest city on the list of beautiful places to go and the reason we like it is completely different to the previous cities. Bangkok we liked because of the sheer amount of cultural sights we were able to visit, this and the over the top touristy feel we had at some places.

For people who spend most of the time looking for the hidden treasures in unknown places, the cultural accessibility in this city was a nice surprise.


The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keaw should be on everybody’s bucket list as we have not seen such grandeur on such a large-scale anywhere in Asia. Savor the green, red, blue and yellow colored complexes as you wander through the most important Buddhist temple complex of Asia.

After you visit cross the river, try your way up Wat Arun for a nice overview of the city. However, Bangkok becomes really interesting at night. Find your way to either Chinatown for obscure kinds of food, Pat Pong for obscure sexual shows (but please, only go there for the interesting and strange atmosphere, but don’t take place in the woman-unfriendly activities), or to Khao San road for the most obscure hostels.

Literally, sometimes light won’t be available. We spend three days in the city and could have spent more with all the temple complexes that are waiting to be discovered. The flights are cheap, and the stay even cheaper so maybe start thinking about Bangkok as a start for your next journey.

Guest Blogger

Sara and Micheal

Once again let’s thank Sara and Michael of Explore Forevermore for sharing us their travel stories and as well as they guide and tips on “Things to do” in these beautiful places to go. oo
Personally, I have visited Leuven and I confirmed that it’s not just a place for students but for tourists too. Those ancient Gothic architectural designs of Cathedral and buildings stand out brilliantly.

Luang Prabang is definitely on the bucket list for those who love waterfalls, your photos are just incredible. Sydney would be perfect for a honeymoon indeed! Milan has its colossal charm and of course Bangkok, one of the Asian dream destination of Europeans.

Know more about Sara and Michaël’s travel stories, visit their Blog: Explore Forevermore

Follow their accounts on Facebook and Instagram. 

Are you Interested to share your Top 5 Favorite Cities with us? send an email to for more information.

To 5 Favorite Beautiful Places to go

Explore Forevermore
beautiful places to go

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33 Responses

  1. Adriana says:

    So many gorgeous places listed here! I certainly would love to visit a few of these places, especially Australia

  2. Miljana says:

    I have visited Italy, I am for Australia now!

  3. Among the places listed here, I’ve only been to Bangkok and it’s been more than a decade since that trip. Italy is also on my bucket list, and hopefully I can cross it out soon enough. 🙂

  4. Taylor says:

    I hardcore have the travel bug and can’t wait to go on my next adventure! reading this for inspiration!

  5. Geraline Batarra says:

    Those are really beautiful places to visit and all of them are my favorites destination I am just hoping that I can visit that places someday!

    • Alexine says:

      Absolutely agree with you Geraline, me too! these are all places I’d love to visit oh well, except Leuven and Milan since I’ve beent here already.

  6. Gladys Parker says:

    I’d think I’d had died and went to heaven if I ever woke up in Luang Prabang, Laos! I absolutely love waterfalls and theirs is stunningly beautiful. The water is so clear I have never seen water like that.

  7. Kristy Bullard says:

    This is a great article! I would love to visit all of these places! My mom has been to Belgium and she still raves about it!

  8. Elizabeth O says:

    Oh wow what truly beautiful places to visit. I would probably pick Luang Prabang if I had to pick one as even though their travel time turned out to be hectic it really looks like a peaceful and idyllic place.

  9. Shoma says:

    I love this list! Many of these places are already on my bucket list!

  10. Great list! I’ve been to 3 of the 5 on this list. Laos and Bangkok I still need to get to, but Bangkok is on my 2018 travel list and I can’t wait to visit 🙂

  11. Preet says:

    Looks like a great place to visit. I’ll definitely go here one day with my family.

  12. Alison Rost says:

    I would love to see more of Asia and Bangkok is a beautiful place to visit. It’s definitely a must see! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Italy as well.

  13. What a great list! We haven’t been to any of these places yet, but need to start planning.

  14. Meghan Karaan says:

    All of these places are definitely so stunning! Australia has always and still is on my list of places to travel before I die.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Ok, I’ve never been to any of those! They are all lovely and beautiful in their own unique ways. It’s a great and varied list! 🙂

  16. Nicole says:

    All of these places look beautiful! I would love to visit them all one day as well. I have always wanted to visit Italy since I was younger, seeing that it is on your top 5 list it makes me want to go even more!

  17. Ahik says:

    Bangkok and thailand is one of the best palces is there. I already go there that was a awosame places . There is great think is there arcitucture. I wll try to go the 4 places. Thanks for sharing.

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