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anime interview series

For this season I will conduct a “Cosplayer Interview Series”

Which will be featuring favourites Cosplayers around the Globe.

Started on 20th September 2017 and still on going

My Favourite Cosplayers

I’m trying to get in touch for the interview with all this cosplayers hopefully they will accept my invitation. If you happend to know any of them please send me their contact details. Thank You!

I will  feature cosplayers from other countries, USA, Germany, Netherlands, France , Netherlands, Philippines and many more.

We’ll try to get to know our favourite cosplayers, what they do,  what they prefer. Let’s try to know more about their personal lives.

A Questionnaire will be send to them to answer and we’ll see what’ their response!

Here are some of our interviewed Cosplayers

Would you like to Participate?

Who’s your favourite Cosplayer? Would you like to know more about them?

Send me their details and I will contact them for the Interview Series.


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