American Shield Backpack Granite 25 – Casual Backpack for Travelers

American Shield Backpack created to help consumers especially travelers to get the utmost experience of a casual traveler backpack without striking down many of the necessary things that we need during our travels.

Designed to be a fashion style backpack for short trips and can also be a hybrid of a tech backpack and an adventure backpack.

American Shield Backpack

I know most of you will ask why Backpack instead of roller luggage?

Well, to be honest, it depends on the person’s preference.

But truly Backpacks give you greater mobility you can stroll through airports. You’ll never stand around a baggage carousel after a long-haul trip again.

And as long as your pack is carry-on size compliant. You can have a less percentage of losing your luggage, ever. Depending on your travel style and what you’re hauling, it comes down to your personal preference.

American Shield

Granite 25 Backpack

For decades, we’ve been innovating the way people handle life on the go with the smart design, superior quality luggage, and travel gear meant to deliver performance and style.

Built from vision. Created by precision. No matter what adventures, challenges or opportunities are in your path, AMERICAN SHIELD makes sure you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead.


American Shield a young innovator in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products. Including apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and other licensed product categories.

Reflecting a distinctive American perspective, American Shield has been an innovator in aspirational lifestyle branding.

They combine consumer insights with their design, marketing, and imaging skills. They start to expand their products to reach people worldwide.

The Unboxing!

The weather wasn’t that favorable for us (hubby and me) to go on another short trip so instead, we were stuck at home. A few weeks after I’ve received the American Shield Backpack sent through the post.

Packed in a plastic cover which was pretty convenient to open instead of a box. I did try to open it slowly to make sure I won’t do any damage to the product.
And yes, the product delivered in a good condition without any scratch at all.

Granite 25 Backpack – Black&Brown

Granite 25 Backpack Dimension

American Shield Backpack Granite 25, a fashion styled and casual backpack that allows you to take your tech outside. It is an elegant and timeless design – versatile, spacious, functional and multi-purpose backpack not just for travelers but for everyone.

Backpack at the bench

Having a decent dimension L 16.6 x H 13 x D 7 in. (L 42 x H 33 x D 17 cm) I find it perfect for city trips or short vacation as a lightweight casual backpack.
The Granite 25 Backpack made with Oxford Fabric featuring its textile lining, Flap + press stud + drawstring opening.

Granite 25 Backpack inner compartment

The front pocket has a bunch of compartment and a key clip Magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips. A total of 8 Small inner pockets including the ones in the main compartment.

This small pocket is perfect for storing your smartphone or sunglasses. It’s actually larger than you’d expect for a small phone pocket. You could actually keep a lot more stuff in there including a wallet, keys, and earphones. It is similar to the organizer pocket.

Looking at the inner color of the backpack, it was actually pink. A huge shock for me, cause I didn’t expect it. And it added to a pile of reason to like it more.

Essential Functions

backpack compartment

My favorite part is the Padded and fleece lined 15″ laptop sleeve. I love how my MSI laptop fit in it. The American Shield Backpack utilizes a thick protective foam for your laptop.

It is over half an inch of foam between your back and the laptop and at the bottom of the laptop sleeve. It is an extra more or less 3 inches of foam so that your laptop isn’t against the floor and doesn’t absorb impact if you drop the backpack.

One good thing about this backpack is that it has 2 external side pockets which are literally can be water bottle pockets. One on each side. Or you can use it as a holder for you mini tripod as I did with mine.

These pockets are perfect for your reusable water bottle or a thermos for your coffee.

back of the bag

Finally, we’re into the Back portion of the American Shield Backpack Granite 25 with its out of the box idea making a strap pocket. A pocket built into the strap is becoming popular as well.

Which I find it very clever and super useful when it comes keeping a day-to-day thing that we use like keys, money, or other stuff.

There’s also a back pocket which is another plus point, an adjustable shoulder straps, and a top handle. I think having a top handle is a clever as well. Most Bag companies don’t take this into consideration, so when making the grab handle, they just use a regular strap of webbing.

A top handle seems useful to create more space in a train, subway, or bus taking off your backpack and holding it is the polite thing to do.

Final Thoughts

Granite 25 Backpack - Black&Brown

After looking into the pros and cons, I’m down into my final thoughts about this American Shield Backpack.

The features seem intuitive because the bag distorts in so many places. You have to keep moving your things around to find the ideal way of organizing your things.

I definitely love the aesthetics of the backpack. It’s color and elegance, but at the same time, it looks really fashionable, and casual which everyone can use it as an everyday bag.

Granite 25 Backpack

Let’s take into its construction and utility. I absolutely adore the drawstring opening, (I’m not really a fan though). But I started to like it while using Granite 25.

Regarding its comfort, the American Shield Backpack is on top of this. It’s best used for short trips/city trips or short vacations like I always do. However, I will push its limit and use it for more days on travel and we will see the result after.

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American Shield Backpack Granite 25

American Shield Backpack

American Shield Backpack Granite 25 Review

Disclaimer: This article sponsored by AMERICAN SHIELD. We may be compensated in a form of discounted or free product or services.


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