Amalfi Coast Travel Itinerary – Your Half Day Amalfi Guide

Less than twenty-four hours in Naples had passed, and it’s time to turn the page. Since a long time ago, one of my aspirations is to visit the coastal part of Italy, now I’m a few drives away to make my very own Amalfi Coast travel Itinerary guide.

 Amalfi Coast travel Itinerary

Amalfi Coast, an hour and a half drive from Naples. Belongs to the coastline family list towns in the northern coast of the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea, resided in the Province of Salerno of southern Italy.

Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast) considered as one of the popular tourist destinations. Alongside the other coastal towns like Positano, Salerno, and others. It is even included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its outstanding Mediterranean landscape.

Not only Amalfi has won the hearts of many tourists, but this small town is also known for its production of limoncello liqueur as the area is a known cultivator of lemons, known as Sfusato Amalfitano in Italian.

Other than that, Amalfi is one of the picturesque towns and villages on the coast due to its climactic and stunning setting between the sea and the hills.

I’m pretty sure you’re excited to hear my Amalfi Coast travel Itinerary guide. Especially the spots that you have to visit and the instagrammable places to take your photos.

How to get to Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast
There are a couple of ways to reach the Amalfi Coast and other coastlines cities. Unanimously recommended is by Bus, traveling by bus would cost you a lot of time but will eventually cost you less money.

Financially talking bus would be the best option. However, there are also by train were two main train stations at Amalfi Coast with direct Eurostar and inter-regional trains.
Which connects to Naples and Rome and the local Circumvesuviana over in Sorrento.

The other option would be by boat or ferry. If you love to see the panoramic and scenery of Amalfi coast. The ferry ride is your best friend.
Ferry season opens from last week of April until mid to late October with connections from Amalfi to Positano, Salerno, Capri, Naples, and Sorrento.

The Best way from Naples to Amalfi

Road trip Amalfi

One of my best choice option to visit Amalfi Coast is via car. If you’re a kind of traveler who loves to do things on the spot or unplanned travelings road trips are the best for you.

Since my hubby and I are those types of travelers. We prefer to take our own travel destiny.

From our Naples One day tour itinerary, the day after we decided to visit Amalfi. It’s a one-hour and a half trip by road.

There 3-4 ways to arrive at our destinations, but the road we took was via A3 and SS163. Which brought us to towns like; Raito, Cetara, Erchie, San Cosma, Atrani, and Amalfi.

The other popular roadway is to drive from Naples to Vico Equense, Piano di Sorrento, Positano, Praiano, Conca dei Marini, and Amalfi. However, this roadway will take you almost two hours to arrive at Amalfi.

But the choice is yours, you can either choose my preferred roadway or the other way around.

Parking Time

Amalfi Coast travel Itinerary (Parking)

The first essential thing to know with our Amalfi Coast travel Itinerary guide is where to park the car. Based on our experience, traveling to Italy has been a huge strain when it comes to searching for a parking space.

Even before arriving to Amalfi, we already searched our parking space in advance. We don’t trust the parking space in the open air (open road) cause it can be dangerous for foreign cars.

We’ve found the Parking lot Luna Rossa few walks away from Amalfi center. The parking lot has a tunnel that brings you to the Piazza Municipio not far from the main road.

Considering it was in low season, the rate was 3 euros per hour. It was not the cheapest rate, but at least our car is in the safest area.

C’est l’heure de Diner (Lunch)

Lunch in Amalfi

Exhausted after the trip from Naples, it’s time to pick the perfect restaurant to dine. It was the simplest choice to make, the excellent restaurant that would fit our taste would be of course an Italian (with Italian meal)

Looking at the surroundings, it is the special spot to see Amalfi’s beautiful hills, scenery, landscape view, and the city’s charm.

Amalfi's Pizza

For our lunch, we took the grandiose Italian pizza in town. It would be an excellent food to partner this short visit. Hubby ordered the one with mushrooms and bacon, while mine is with simple tomatoes and cheese.

I recommend you to take the restaurant near Bagni Mar Di Cobalto. It’s a bar and restaurant located in the seaside with a very attractive view.

Places Must-see in Amalfi

Must see places in Amalfi

One of the must-to-do things in Amalfi to take full-day sightseeing tour via boat excursion and visit the Amalfi Coast villages, including Ravello, Positano, Atrani, Praiano, and many more.

Aside from getting into an excursion to visit the coast. There are many ways to visit this lovely village and its surroundings.

If you love to visit Museums, there’s the Maritime Museum contains an old armory exploring city’s naval history with statues, documents, and artifacts.

Another Museum that might interest you is the Museum Of Paper. Acharming museum features the exhibits on the history and production of paper in Amalfi.

Piazza Duomo (Main Square)

Amalfi Main Square

Strolling at the main center of Amalfi, we have seen a fountain (Fontana di Sant’Andrea) which leads to the place of Piazza Duomo. The main square is surrounded by restaurants and souvenir shops. But the most exciting part is the spectacular view of the village’s Cathedral.

This should be on your must-see places since the main square posses all highlights of this village. I recommend you to eat in any of the restaurants nearby and enjoy the beautiful hill and cathedral view.

Amalfi Cathedral

Amalfi Cathedral

Wandering in the Piazza Duomo, it’s very easy to notice the splendid feature of Saint Andrew’s Cathedral (Duomo) located at the top of the staircase.

This cathedral emphasizes late Baroque style with a nave and two aisles divided by 20 columns. Its façade is decorated with various paintings of saints, including a large fresco of Saint Andrew.

Saint Andrew's Cathedral

The hallway of the cathedral was really fascinating. I really love the mosaic baroque style of the interior part and its colors as well. According to its history, The Amalfi Cathedral is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew whose relics are kept there.

Beside the cathedral is the Diocesan Museum of Amalfi. This museum displays Catholic artifacts, paintings, and sculptures. It also housed in a 9th-century basilica of the SS. Crucifix.

The entrance fee is 5 euros. But a cool place to visit if you want to spend your time knowing more about the history of Amalfi.

The museum contains sacred furnishings, goldsmith’s treasure of the cathedral, and paintings. Which document the commercial relations of Amalfi with other cities.

Streets of Amalfi

Streets of Amalfi

The best way to have a great experience is to walk down the streets of Amalfi. The shops are filled with delicious artisanal products. Limoncello liqueur was the most sellable one since the town is famous for it.

You can also see some various kinds of pasta. Longs ones, short ones, and in different colors and forms.

Streets of Amalfi

You can also notice that Amalfi has narrow streets, which has a small bridge that connects from one building to another.

There are also some paintings on the wall which I find really attractive. It gives you that impression of happiness and joy of the locals of this town.

Overlooking the Hill

Amalfi Travel Itinerary - Hills View

After a long stroll in the deep Amalfi streets, it’s time to see the stunning Mediterranean hills that made Amalfi coast a UNESCO heritage place.

If you’re planning to visit Amalfi coast, this part would be your first target. Amalfi town posses that gorgeous coast that has attracted millions of tourist every year.

The famous landmark

To get a full view of the landscape scenery, you can either go to Piazza Flavio Gioia where there’s a small area where you can walk at the seaside and take pictures.

Or you can also walk until Via Lungomare dei Cavalieri near the seaboard. You can get a fully landscape view of the famous picturesque postcard photo of Amalfi.

Travel tips: Bring your mirrorless camera with a wide lens. Amalfi has this very unique which let you capture its beauty during your visit.

Let’s end the day!


Did I tell you that Amalfi is known for its Limoncello right? Well, Lemons is their essential and precious product here so it’s pretty obvious that Gelato would be present.

My perfect way of ending this Amalfi Coast Travel Itinerary half day guide is to eat some Lemon flavored Gelato hand made in Amalfi.

Amalfi Coast Travel Itinerary - Gelato

My hubby and I ended our day with a scoop of lemon gelato. Don’t be surprised if the price is a bit high. Gelatos here are purely made my independent business owners, so it’s normal that you pay more.

After our Gelato break, we directly took the way to the parking area. It was late in the afternoon, and we have to go back to Naples. But this time we’ll take the other roadway.

Hope you enjoyed this Amalfi Travel Itinerary guide. See you at my next destination!

Amalfi Coast Travel Itinerary

Amalfi Travel Itinerary guide

 Amalfi Travel Itinerary guide 2

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  1. My sister-in-law and nieces just got back from three weeks in Italy which included time on the Amalfi Coast. Like yours, their photos were beautiful. This is now a bucket list destination for me. The scenery is just gorgeous, and the food looks amazing!

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    Wo, Limoncello looks so delicious and sweet. I bet Lemon Gelato here is so so delicious.

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