All Might (MHA), Auron, Lich King Cosplay by Exerbrang Works – Spain

Bonjour! (that’s French), and welcome back to our Cosplay Interview Series. Just before this lovely month of November ends, I want to show you some All Might stuff. And Yeah! I’m an immense fan of My Hero Academia, that’s why I’d love to share this featured cosplayer today.

He is a Spanish cosplayer, and yeah he is from Spain. An aspiring cosplayer who is little by little achieving his cosplay dreams in life.
I have chosen three from his remarkable cosplay works.

These are All Might of My Hero Academia, Auron of Final Fantasy X, and Arthas Lich King of World of Warcraft. I’ll show you his other works as well.

So let’s get ready to know him better, our featured cosplayer Mr. Exerbrang!


All Might Mr. Exerbrang!

All Might photo by Morgane Design, Auron by NekoSandra Cosplay, and Lich King by Dani Diaz Fotografo 

Hello everyone! My name is Exerbrang. I’m a Spanish cosplayer who began his career in the world of cosplay in 2007. From the beginning, I leaned towards elaborating more of armors and props, fields in which I have increased my skills over the years.

Despite this fact, I never hesitate to leave my comfort zone and try new things and designs. I love to investigate and learn with new materials and techniques to improve elaboration technique of my costumes.

How did you discover Cosplay?
I liked manga and anime since my childhood. I started cosplaying during carnival because there were no conventions in my city in that years and it was not possible for me to travel to other cities to attend them.

Thanks to the internet I registered in cosplay forums and was possible for me to learn more about cosplay and make contact with other people who also like this hobby.

First Convention

All Might photo

All Might photo by Morgane Design and Edited by  NekoSandra Cosplay

My first convention was in my home city, it was a small one and my friends surrounding me, so I was definitely at ease. That day, I won my first prize as a cosplayer contestant, this encouraged me to continue my craft on making a lot of costumes.

Overseas Convention Experience

Toshinori Yagi All Might

Toshinori Yagi (All Might) photo by SKYLine Photography 

Yes, I attended Heroes Comic Con Stockholm 2017 as cosplay guest, it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was so nicely organized and everyone was kind.

I chatted with some Swedish cosplayers and made new friends. In this event, I was judging two cosplay contest, including the Swedish World Cosplay Summit preliminary. Everybody respected the schedule established and there weren’t delays (which are common in some cosplay contest in Spain).

The way we judge was very organized to ease the task, I was able to see so many talented cosplayers and nicely made costumes in that convention.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making


All Might photo by Morgane Design 

I have made more than twenty costumes and I have some more incoming. Since I’m specialized in armor, I don’t have a lot of sewed costumes and the sewing work. I have not done it too much but the first sewed one was Kakashi from Naruto.

My armors and props are mostly made in different materials, I have tried resins, fiberglass, foam, leather and a huge variety of thermoplastics (Worbla, Thibra, etc.,)

Favorite Cosplayer(s)


Auron photo by NekoSandra Cosplay

I have a lot of cosplayers friends and, of course, I follow them and so many others to learn new things from them because the thing I like the most in cosplay is the difficult constructing part of the costume.

Askal Cosplay is a couple of Spanish cosplayers that I recommend you to interview, they do awesome costumes and are very kind and talkative. 

Unforgettable Experience

Auron cosplay

Auron photo by NekoSandra Cosplay 

My unforgettable experience was when I won my first international contest. It was a surprise for me because I didn’t expect to be the winner against so many talented cosplayers! 

Definition of “Cosplayer”


Arthas Lich King photo by Jack Fluck Photography

Being a cosplayer it’s a hobby, for me, it’s an activity where I can be creative and learn new things. I think it doesn’t affect a lot to my daily life.

Of course, it is a hobby and sometimes can be expensive and time-consuming but it’s something that I love to do. It allows me to make new friends with the same interests and preferences.

Also, it helped me in my daily life because you have to learn a lot of skills to make costumes!

Greatest Achievement

Arthas Lich King

Arthas Lich King photo by Jack Fluck Photography and Odinio Studio

During my years of being a cosplayer, I won several local and national competitions. Among my achievements in the world of cosplay I can cite: being the Spanish representative and winner in the individual category of the International Cosplay League 2017 and second place (reserve) at the Spanish preliminaries in Eurocosplay 2017. 

Piece of Advice


Genos of One Punch Man photo by SKYLine Photography 

Well, the best thing I can say is: don’t be afraid of testing new materials. Slowly try to surpass yourself in each project you start! Stay patient and give the time required for each cosplay project and the rest.

Cosplayer’s Message


Guts of Berserk photo by NekoSandra Cosplay  

In my country, I usually attend Japan Weekend Madrid conventions (February and September), sometimes as a contestant in the cosplay contests.

The best way to know where I’m going to be present is to check my social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, CosplayAmino, WorldCosplay, and Deviantart

All Might (MHA), Auron, Lich King Cosplay by Exerbrang Works – Spain

Exerbrang Works - Spain

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