A Dwarf Cosplay of WOW by Hogal, Germany

Good day everyone, Christmas has passed. I hope you all have a great holiday ahead! I would like to share with you another exceptional cosplayer that I have discovered. Reading her story is quite inspirational, She has this perfect cosplay work for a dwarf from World of Warcraft. Specifically King Magni bronze beard.

You would probably imagine that cosplaying a dwarf could be very complex but with our cosplayer featured today, she is pretty impressive she does makes incredible cosplay works not only for WoW but also for other genderbend cosplay. Her name is Sonja or popularly known as Hogal Cosplay from Cologne, Germany.

Let’s thank Ms. Sonja again for sharing us her works and her cosplay life story. Thank you as well to the photographers we owe you the credit for making this beautiful photos.

Don’t forget to support Hogal Cosplay, check out her social media account below. Let’s hear out this lovely cosplayer and her story!

A Dwarf Cosplay of WOW

A Dwarf

King Magni Bronzebeard photo by EosAndy

My name is Sonja and I am from Cologne, Germany. Cosplay is my hobby for 3 years now. Most of my costumes are from video games like the World of Warcraft. Especially conventions like RPC (RolePlay Convention) or Gamescom excite me, so I attend them as often as I can.

Playing World of Warcraft has always given me the wish to build one of this costumes because I love priests (which is my character in-game). When attending my first Convention in 2013 I found out it’s called «cosplay» so I gave it a try.

I made my first cosplay, the T10 Priest from World of Warcraft and attended RPC 2014 with it; it was so amazing.The whole process of crafting and then finally wearing it is absolutely fantastic, so Cosplay became my favorite hobby.

First Convention

The King Magni Bronzebeard

The King Magni Bronzebeard photo by EosAndy

As said, my first convention was RPC in 2014. Many people wanted to make pictures of me and I took part in the costume contest. I didn’t win anything, but I had so much fun with all the amazing other cosplayers and people complimenting on my priest costume.

It felt so right! That was the moment I made cosplay to a part of my life.


My first sewed cosplay was my first cosplay in general: my T10 priest. Since then I improved on sewing and made Fili the Dwarf, an Earth bender, and Moroes from Warcraft. I used this costumes to improve step by step. For example, on Moroes I applied many parts on velvet.

This was challenging, I made mistakes, but in the end, I managed it. At the moment I am preparing on another priest robe from World of Warcraft and I want to sewed it as clean as possible. There has been much improvement in my sewing skills since 2014 and there will be more in the future.

When building props, gear or armor I use a thermoplastic material called Worbla. It is very durable and could be formed with heat in any shape you want.

Unforgettable Experience

Skyrim Armor photo by Focal Fox

Skyrim Armor photo by Focal Fox

The worst experience was when getting a sunstroke in summer with my Magni Cosplay (a dwarf).  It was my fault but was really worse.
Best experience so far was traveling to BlizzCon in Los Angeles thanks to my friend Oni Cosplay!

Definition of Cosplayer

Terenas Menethil II

Terenas Menethil II photo by Heiko Warnke

Cosplay is fun. If you don’t have fun, then change something in the way you do cosplay. The community behind cosplay is strong and can help you whatever your problem is. However, every cosplayer is personal in his way of crafting and sewing.

That is great because your style is your personality. For me, it’s the details. I love spending hours on some little details because I love building them. The best thing is when your cosplay turns out as you wanted it to and you get admiration for your work.

But beyond that, it’s also the community. When you can help someone, or someone helps you with a problem – that’s the spirit of cosplay.


Terenas Menethil II

Terenas Menethil II photo by Fotograf-13

The first cosplayers I got in contact with were Kamui Cosplay and Lighning Cosplay. They are from Germany and made tutorials for cosplayers. This helped me a lot starting with cosplay.

I follow about 300 Cosplayers on social media now and everybody has something unique that I like. To pick one is very difficult, but I think it would be Pushel’s Cosplay. We met last year and he really has some talent! We since helped each other on our cosplays and even became a couple.


Terenas Menethil II photo

Terenas Menethil II photo by Heiko Warnke

To answer that, you must define what is an “achievement” for you. Building a cosplay and finishing it is always an achievement. Getting admiration and compliments another. And last it’s winning a contest.

Placing second on the Blizzard costume contest at Gamescom in 2015 was truly an achievement for me because it was the first big contest I participated in and the first I got placed.

I hope to visit Blizzcon in Los Angeles again and take part in their costume contest someday.

Piece of Advice

T10 Priest

T10 Priest photo by Christian Gschweng Photografie

Never give up, do your thing and stay true to yourself. Cosplay is fun and can offer you so much. When you have problems while crafting, ask the community. There is always some tutorial on the internet that can help you.

You should always cosplay the character you love most, not what others tell you. Because then you put more energy into your project. Try another technique, fail, fail better and be proud when you are finally done. Nobody is perfect from the beginning.

Open Message

Hogal cosplay photo

For this year, all conventions are done for me. But after or before the con you’ll see it on my social media accounts, I post where and when you can find me.

Also, you can see pictures and videos of my cosplays there or send me messages, when you have questions about anything cosplay related.
Currently, I am working on the T1 priest from World of Warcraft and the Steel armor from Skyrim.

Lastly, The internet has become a rough place. Don’t let you take down by this. Be nice and post some positive feedback to others from time to time, if you like her/his work. You would love to get one for your self, wouldn’t you? And don’t stop when you fail. There are different ways to your aim, just keep on finding the right one for you.

You can follow me on my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart, and my YouTube Channel.

A Dwarf Cosplay of WOW by Hogal, Germany

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