A Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Stefan, Austria

To welcome us today is someone from another European country. He has one of the most impressive works you’ll ever see, His name is Stefan a Dragon Ball Z cosplayer who loves to show his passion for cosplay.

I’ve seen his works and they are all fantastic! This guy deserves to be on the stage and be applauded by millions of people. I chose his Dragon Ball cosplay cause it’s the coolest but a lot more that you should check out.

Who doesn’t know this greatest classic anime? Everyone knows Son Goku right? if not you’re not an otaku.

Thank you again, Mr. Stefan, for trusting Lexieanimetravel to share your story! it’s a great honor to have you here.

A Dragon Ball Z Cosplay

Son Goku Pandamonium Photography

Son Goku a Dragon Ball Z photo by Pandamonium Photography

Hi, my name is Stefan and I’m also known as Don Esteban. I’m a 28-year-old cosplayer from Austria and you can usually find me at conventions around Central and Eastern Europe.

It all started in 2013. I actually didn’t know about cosplay and conventions at all back then. But I was a big Star Wars fan and was dressing up as a Jedi regularly to attend charity events for children at hospitals.

a dragon

Obi Wan photo by Snowgrimm

And when I moved to a new flat my new roommates greeted me with « Hey, you’re a cosplayer too! » And so it began.

One of my first convention memories was when I was cosplaying Obi-Wan Kenobi at a convention in Germany.

It was a convention for Japanese Pop Culture and you could mainly see anime characters.

But people still seemed to like my costume and when kids were shouting « Look, Mom! It’s Obi-Wan ! » and others wanted to take pictures with me

I said to myself: « Yes, I want to be a cosplayer. »



Son Goku a Dragon Ball Z photo by Snowgrimm

I started off without prior experience. The only thing I did ever sewed before were my ripped pants when I got bored while serving in the Austrian Armed Forces as a recruit. And you can imagine how that turned out without smart phone and YouTube’s assistance in the middle of a forest.

Luckily my roommates introduced me to a nice cosplayer (now my girlfriend) who offered help and showed me how to sew and craft small props out of foam. Back then I made Luigi from Super Mario and she made Peach.

After learning those basics I always tried out new materials and techniques. I watched a lot of video tutorials and met with prop and armor makers to learn new stuff.

Over those years I achieved a skill set which covers sewing, leather working, crafting with foam/worbla/PVC/wood, 3D-printing, molding/casting, LED-electronics and so on… With every cosplay I made I try to use a new technique.

Unforgettable Experience


Logan photo by Chiu

Worst experience? Definitely, the time when we blew a tire on the German Autobahn with my 7’3’’ General Grievous cosplay in the back.

It was a dangerous situation with a van that was fully loaded with cosplays, 4 passengers and me as a driver.

Luckily no one was hurt but we arrived later than we expected, lacked a lot of sleep and a midnight tow truck ain`t cheap.

Definition of Cosplayer

Son Goku by Snowgrimm

Son Goku a Dragon Ball Z by Snowgrimm

The best thing about cosplay is definitely the community. Each convention you get to meet new people, you stay in touch with them and get updated on all the great projects they do. Over those few years, I built up a great network of awesome people whom I talk with.

There are so many great cosplayers on this Earth, many of them are not even noticed. I try to find awesome stuff on Instagram daily and support those cosplayers/prop makers.

There are 2 people (which are actually 4) that I would point out especially. MonSoon Cosplay and Brazen & Bold Production. The two are neighbors and share a workspace where I`m allowed to build my larger (or messier) stuff.

Those guys have the hell of an experience and they offer help at any time. And it’s also great to hang out at their place, eat free food and play with the cats.

Piece of Advice

Eddie Blake

Eddie Blake photo by Lazy Silly Bear

Talk to people! If you admire cosplayers or prop makers for their work, ask them about their techniques. Most of them are willing to share and give you advice. And you’ll be surprised to see how many friends you can have thanks to the conversations.

Open Message

witcher photo by Andreas eosAndy

Witcher photo by Andreas eosAndy


Don Esteban Cosplayer

You are part of an awesome community, so act like one. Be respectful, be friendly and don’t make destructive comments on social media or at conventions.

And if you ever visit Vienna, make sure to meet me for a beer!

If you like to know more about my works you can follow me on my Facebook and Instagram.

A Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Stefan, Austria

Don Esteban Cosplayer Cover final

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