9 Unpopular Unique Places to Visit in Europe According to Travel Bloggers

As we welcome the spring, let me introduce you Top 9 unpopular unique places to visit in Europe this 2019. These places chosen by my co-travel bloggers who think that each of these cities deserves to unravel their stories and their uniqueness to let other tourists know about them.

According to my research, there are over 800 cities across Europe. more than 50,000 inhabitants in the European Union. Which only means that there are definitely hundreds more of cities that undiscovered and unfeatured by travel magazines and journalists.

9 Unpopular Unique Places to Visit in Europe

Mostly people from other countries love to travel to places where they have seen or read publications and advertisements about it. Or in other cases from other people who have been there and experience the time of their lives.

While discovering some of these places, you’ll clearly question yourself if you have already heard these cities or places before. I have asked travel bloggers from different parts of the globe, to share with us their unpopular places or I should say less loved places (by tourists) in Europe.

I know you are excited so let’s hear our Top 9 unpopular places to visit in Europe that will totally charm you and make it your travel destination this year.

9. Bonn, Germany

Bonn, Germany

Many cities spring to mind when you think about Germany. Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg. But if you are younger than 35 or live outside of Europe, you have probably never heard of the city called Bonn.

Which is quite incredible as Bonn played a huge part in German history. Not only is it one of Germany’s oldest cities, but it was also the capital city of West Germany for over 40 years while the country divided after WWII.

Half an hour away from the more popular Cologne. Though unlike Cologne and many other cities in Germany, Bonn escaped the war with very little damage.

bonn, germany

Meaning the streets lined with beautiful historic houses with intricate detailing. The River Rhine passes through the city flanked by wide tree-lined pathways and parks providing great recreation opportunities.


Bonn is the home of one of Germany’s oldest churches and the birthplace of Beethoven. You can visit the Beethoven museum and see the room he was born in.

There are several other notable museums and galleries in Bonn, including the Haus der Geschichte which is one of the most popular museums in Germany and covers contemporary German history to give you a thorough understanding of the post-war divide.

And most importantly for some, Bonn is the home of Haribo sweets. The ‘BO’ in Haribo stands for Bonn. There is a dedicated store in the city center, and you can visit the store at the factory itself too!

Contributed by: Kathleen of Dream Wander Repeat
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8. Pilsen, Czech Republic

Pilsen Czech

Plzeň (in English and German as Pilsen) is the City in the western part of the Czech Republic, which is a little bit hidden in the shadow of other Czech tourist popular places as Prague, Český Krumlov, and Karlovy Vary.

Pilsen is worldwide known for Pilsner Urquell beer. The legend that gave a name to all Pilsners and Pils types beer was born here in the mid 19th century. But Pilsen can offer its visitors much more than just tasting of beer.


The main Pilsen tourist attraction connected with beer. It is the Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour, which is according TripAdvisor one of the world´s best tourist attractions.

The second best place you should definitely visit in Pilsen is the Historical Underground: the unique labyrinth of underground corridors, cellars, and wells. To walk through these cellars 10 meters below the old town is an unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, you can also admire the Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew with the highest tower in the Czech Republic and the beautiful second largest synagogue in Europe.

Contributed by: Šárka of Plzen Guide
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7. Odense, Denmark

Unique Places to Visit in Europe

Just one and a half hour by train from Denmark’s beloved capital, Odense is located on Funen (Danish: Fyn), third largest island in the country. While Odense is not the most popular destination in Europe, it is extremely charming and is also one of the oldest cities in the region.

Odense is well-known for being a birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark’s favorite author and creator of fairy tales that are known all over the world.

In a small yellow house located in Odense’s old town, you will find H.C. Andersen museum, and you’ll encounter characters from his stories all over the town. But the connection to father of “The Little Mermaid” is not the only reason to visit.

Odense Unique Places to Visit in Europe


Step inside the gorgeous St. Canute’s Cathedral, get to know the history of Odense in the city museum or The Funan Village, traditional open-air museum.

Wander around the old town’s small streets and enjoy visiting Danish bakeries and tasting local craft beers. Those who have more time should also consider exploring other parts of the island, which is a perfect way to explore the coast of Denmark.

Contributed by: Ženja from Bearly Here
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6. Oviedo, Spain

Oviedo's Central Plaza

Oviedo is the capital city of the province of Asturias, or, as it is officially known, The Principality of Asturias. The city is a major historic center boasting Roman structures from the 1st century.

Romanesque structures from the Asturian Kings period dating from 900 CE and medieval monuments.

It is also well-known as a center of gastronomy where you can find regional dishes such as Fabada Asturiana. A hearty stew with white beans and vegetables.

One of Oviedo’s more charming culinary traditions is the serving of cider. Cider, or Sidra. A local low-alcoholic drink poured from about a meter high into a glass in order to aerate the liquor. It’s fascinating to watch how the expert servers do this without missing a drop.


Other outstanding features to recommend in Oviedo are the extensive collection of cultural activities and locations dedicated to art, music, ballet, and drama.

Situated across three restored palaces, Oviedo’s Museum of Fine Arts houses remarkable collections of contemporary art.

The archeological museum housed in a former Benedictine Monastery and displays art from the Neolithic to the Kingdom of Asturias periods.

After a day of culture and cuisine, it’s time to party the night away in Oviedo’s numerous traditional restaurants. On any given night you are likely to find musicians playing for the patrons while the servers keep the cider flowing.

Oviedo is a grossing underrated European town just waiting to be discovered.

Contributed by: Talek Nantes from Travels With Talek
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5. Flam, Norway

Flam, norway

Flam is one of Norway’s most striking villages located on the interior of one of Norway’s majestic fjords. Surrounded by tall forested mountains, Flam’s scenic beauty is amongst the most photographic in all of Norway.

The small village has only 350 inhabitants but is home to one of the world’s most scenic railway, the Flamsbana.

The Flamsbana is a two-hour train ride that runs through valleys and hugs the side of the mountains, and at times, tows along the edges with steep drop-offs to the side.

The train stops at a powerful waterfall where a dancer appears and performs to enchanting music. The train has one of the steepest inclines throughout its 1-hour ride each way, providing for amazing views from each part of the train.


Make sure to visit the Flam Railway Museum it is worth to visit, as it describes the incredible history that went into building the railway.

Flam’s location provides for fun activities such as kayaking in the fjords, hiking up the mountains and renting bicycles to explore the local beauty.

If you are looking for additional views, only a half hour drive from Flam, the Stegastein viewpoint provides amazing views of the fjords down below and is a great way to take in Norway’s beauty.

Contributed by: Diana from The Elusive Family
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4. Bialystok, Poland


Poland is one of our favorite countries in Europe, and there are some really beautiful cities that are becoming quite popular on the tourist route.

However, one of our favorite cities in Poland is Bialystok. Situated in the northeastern part of Poland, Bialystok has one of the countries largest populations.

While it is not loaded with tourist attractions, it is a great city to spend some quiet time in and enjoy the Polish culture.

Bialystok is an affordable destination with plenty of accommodation, great food and shopping if you are looking for somewhere you can easily live like a local, yet still have fun things to see and do!


While in Bialystok, be sure to visit Branicki Palace, where you can tour the royal residence or wander through the beautiful sprawling gardens.

If you enjoy museums, there are several in Bialystok, plus a free zoo where you can see some of the region’s wildlife up close and learn more about the natural environment.

Bialystok is also an easy day trip to the incredible Bialowieza National Park, which is a must do experience in Poland!

Contributed by Holly of Four Around The World
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3. Durres, Albania

Durres, Albania

Durres, Albania isn’t on most travelers’ radar, but it should be. If you’re a history buff at all, it’s a place you really can’t miss. With almost 3000 years of history, dating all the way back to 627 B.C.

You’ll find remnants of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires dotting the city. Modern times have also been tumultuous, with a short-lived monarchy, hard-line Communism and newfound democracy, making their mark on Durres.

Add in some decent beaches, a local vibe, delicious seafood and you have the makings of culturally authentic travel experience. One that seems to be harder and harder to find these days.


For ancient history, see the 2nd largest Roman Amphitheatre in the Balkans, the remains of a Byzantine Forum, or walk the beginnings of the Via Egnatia – a vast Roman trade route that began in ancient Dyrrachium (now Durres).

Climb Durres Hill, to see an incredible view of the city and sea in the distance, along with the decrepit summer palace of Albanian’s one and only monarch, King Zog I.

Be sure to look out for signs of Albania’s communist past in the form of bunkers and socialist realist architecture and sculptures.

If you get bored with all that history, take a break at one of the city’s sandy beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

After a satisfying and super affordable seafood feast at one of the restaurants by the sea, join local families as they stroll along the boardwalk, for a taste of real life in Durres.

Contributed by Shelley of Travel Stained
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2. Omis, Croatia

Omis, Croatia

Most people focus on sightseeing in the big cities in Croatia, like Zadar, Dubrovnik or Split. However, just 30 minutes south of Split, an adventure paradise awaits. It is well worth it to make a day trip from Split to Omis.

But there are so many things to do in Omis that you can easily spend a whole week there. The Cetina River gives the home to many exciting activities.


You can test your paddling skills by going on a kayak or rafting trip. You can even find a secret cave behind a waterfall on this trip.

If you want to get some great views of the area, I suggest hiking up to Starigrad Fortress. Or an even more exciting way to experience the views of the Cetina Canyon is by zip lining.

Going down the 8 zip wires is a lot of fun. The trip will take about 3 hours total and you shouldn’t miss it if you are in Omis.

Contributed by Eniko from Travel Hacker Girl
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1. Palau, Sardinia Italy

palau sardinia unpopular unique places to visit in europe

Last summer I have discovered a colorful coastal town Palau on Sardinia island, which quickly became one of my favorite summer destinations in Europe.

Sardinia located just off the Italian coast and it is the second biggest Mediterranean island just after Sicily.

While it might be tempting to rent a car and circle the whole island. I strongly recommend to stay in Palau and take the time to try all the water activities.

Palau is near to the most beautiful Sardinian beaches. Such as La Maddalena national park and Spiaggia di Porto Faro.


If you dream of turquoise water, soft powdery sand, and rocky shores, look no further. And if you prefer to spend your beach day more actively.

Palau has a great offer of water activities from catamaran cruises, sailing to windsurfing, and snorkeling lessons. Read more about what to do, where to eat and stay in Palau.

Interested in joining Sardinia blog retreat and learning how to start a profitable blog while enjoying beautiful beaches and water activities? Read more here.

Contributed by Marta from Where Life is Great
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9 Unpopular Unique Places to Visit in Europe

9 Unpopular Unique Places to Visit in Europe

9 Unpopular Unique Places to Visit in Europe 2

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