6 Reasons to visit the Tulip Garden of Keukenhof this 2019

Are you ready to see some flourishing magnificent spring flowers in the famous empire of Tulip Garden in Keukenhof of the Netherlands?

Spring has just commenced and what comes with the spring is the end of the mode of hibernation of the entire nature. So pack up your old heavy winter clothes and get ready to plunge into the season of blooming flowers.

Keukenhof garden

Like my fondness for Disneyland, Keukenhof has captured my heart. Each year my heart pumping like a kid from kindergarten who is waiting to get a sweet candy on hand.

The mystic Tulip garden of Keukenhof is just irresistible and exciting like hunting Easter eggs. Do you agree? I bet you do.

Tulip Garden of Keukenhof

Not to mention the millions of people who visit Keukenhof every year. This Flower park has indeed captured everyone’s soft spot. Keukenhof is one of the biggest gardens in the world, with over 7 million tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils planted in the field.

Tulip Garden flowers

Let’s stop the bubbling and get over to the serious part why all we are here is to give everyone an idea of why they should visit Keukenhof this 2019. Thinking rigidly and thoroughly, I have personally come up with 6 reasons to visit this unimaginable Tulip garden.

Visit my Keukenhof Tulip Garden Full Guide

Top 6 – World’s Largest Flower Park “The Garden of Europe”

The Garden of Europe

The Tulip Garden of Keukenhof, situated in Lisse, South Holland, Netherlands called as the Garden of Europe. The largest of all flower gardens in the world.

Perhaps it doesn’t contain the long fields of tulips but with its collection of around 7 million flower bulbs planted in this famous 80-acre garden every year. It became one of the famous tourist spots located in South Holland, south of Haarlem and southwest of Amsterdam.

the keukenhof tulip garden

The park opened its gates to the public in 1950 and was an instant success, with 236,000 visitors in the first year alone. As of 2018, there were approximately 1.4 million people who visited the Keukenhof.

It remained the same when comparing it to 2017. There was an increase of roughly 520,000 visitors, resulting in having more than one million visitors.

Top 5 –  One of the Most Colorful Gardens

colorful park

The Tulip Garden of Keukenhof made it to the list of most beautiful and colorful gardens in Europe. Grabbing millions of visitors from its neighboring countries like Germany who topped the most numbers of visitors.

Second in the list are visitors from the UK and Belgium and the rest from international visitors of USA and China.

beautiful gardens

Keukenhof have definitely something that can charm millions of people to visit it. Imagine, for only 8 weeks per year of being opened it gathered 1.4 million visitors.

We could say that thanks to its uniqueness and intensity of colorful flower collections it rows in one of the most colorful gardens not just in Europe but also in the world.

enticing tulips

Undoubtedly, this Tulip garden is one of the colorful gardens offering a wide range of a complete color palette. Think of any color that you might think Keukenhof has it.

colorful park

Ranging from palest yellow to deep mahogany and bronze, ideal colors for your wedding or your home garden. You’ll be surprised to see vivid red, velvet blue, and even golden brown bold deep colors perfect for creating a rich and bold bouquet.

Top 4 – Indoor Exposition in Pavilions

indoor pavillion

Since there are many of flower exhibitors. It is clear that Keukenhof has a bunch of Pavilions or interior workshops, and shows for their visitors to enjoy the place.

Not all flowers at Keukenhof are outside. These Pavilions packed with flowering bulbs, cut flowers used in interior designs, pot plants, and other unique presentation using flowers.

heart design keukenhof

Orange Pavilion

Leading the Pavilions is Willem-Alexander Pavilion, the world’s largest lily show. Featuring thousands of vibrant and picturesque tulips exposition. The specific flower shows that this pavilion offers is open for about 12 days of the season.

In Willem-Alexander Pavilions, best to check out the shows for 2019. There are Lily show, Potted Plant show, and don’t miss the Amaryllis show.

Alexander Pavilion


Next, in line, we have the Orange Nassau Pavilion offering the bright botanical arrangements that change every week. Orange Nassau Pavilion features shows like Carnation and summer flower show.

Don’t miss the Alstroemeria & Lisianthus show, Chrysanthemum and Calla show, Daffodil and Special Bulbs show, Rose show, Tulip, Freesia, and Hyacinth show and many more.

the carriage in the pavilion

Wedding theme

On the other hand, Beatrix Pavilion gives you the adventure to appreciate the beauty of orchids and anthuriums for eight weeks.

The Pavilions changes their theme and exhibitions every week during Keukenhof is open to the public. The advantage of these indoor exposures is that people can also see bulbs in the pavilions when the weather is unfavorable outdoor.

Top 3 – Diverse species of Tulips and Flowers 

Diverse Tulips

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Tulips comes to different colors from deep maroon to white-and-green striped. According to the Royal Horticultural Association of Holland, there are approximately 3,000 different cultivated tulip varieties.

striped colored tulip

As tulips colors are very usual, their colors come with many meanings. White and Cream tulips symbolize heaven, newness, and purity. Pink tulips symbolize affection and caring. Red tulips mean “believe me” or proclaim of true love.

colored orange tulip

Multicolored or Variegated tulips mean “you have beautiful eyes:” Orange tulips symbolize energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion. Yellow tulips meant to compliment. It evokes feelings of cheerfulness. Purple tulips symbolize royalty.


Nevertheless, the Tulip Garden of Keukenhof highlighting not only its biggest collection of Tulips but also other varieties of spring flowers like Narcissus or daffodil. In French, we call it Jonquille (Jonquil in English) which is one of the unique spring blossoms.


You can also find some Anthurium or mostly called tailflower, flamingo flower, and laceleaf. And one of the rarest to look forward in Keukenhof is the largest orchid species in Europe Cypripedium.

Apart from these amazing spring bloomers, there are more sorts that you’ll encounter. There’s Anthurium (flamingo flower or laceleaf), Hyacinth, Alstroemeria (Lily), Chrysanthemum and many more.

Top 2 – Flower Power Theme for 2019

If you weren’t convinced enough with the other four reasons to visit Keukenhof, here’s another one that will totally enchant you. This 70th year would be another interesting theme. It’ll be celebrating the Flower Power.

Top 2 - Flower Power Theme for 2019

A theme that inspires people from across countries to come and visit Keukenhof to enjoy the 1970s vibe of colors, scenic views, and fragrance of flowers.

The theme of this Tulip Garden influences almost everything little detail in Keukenhof’s exposition. From its painting displays to statues, and other huge landmarks display.

Top 1 – Instagrammable Place

tulip instagram

Have you imagined visiting in a Tulip Garden without taking photos? well, it is possible. However, the new generation today prefer to share and post everything online especially on Instagram.

Browsing online, you will probably see many photos from the Tulip Garden of Keukenhof. Pictures of the garden and art display to every visitor’s experience and reviews of their visit.


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer or just a simple person. You can take as many Instagrammable photos to post and share online.

Keukenhof an absolute place to photographers, a place where you can experiment the exposure, shutter, macro and a lot more of photography stuff.

macro lens

Personally, the very first reason I would go to Keukenhof is to see those blossoming flowers and take inestimable photos of them with my camera.

If you are excited to visit this sumptuous Tulip Garden, then visit Keukenhof’s official website.

You can book your tickets here:

Keukenhof 2019 Skip the Line Tickets
Keukenhof Helicopter Tour (incl. entrance Keukenhof)
Tulip field Helicopter Flight 

Tulip Garden of Keukenhof 2019

6 Reasons to visit Keukenhof

6 Reasons to visit Keukenhof 2019

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