Sensational 4 nights Layoff in Zamboanga Philippines

The moment has come that we have arrived in Cebu, Philippines. Next destination is our Hotel (a cheap one) to stay for a night and the day after we are off to Zamboanga Philippines, where my family lives.

Reaching our Hotel’s place, just to let you know it’s our nth time coming in and out of this Hotel called Express Inn in Mactan. I wasn’t able to do a review before since it was like 3 years ago that I booked here.

Less than 24 hours in Cebu

zamboanga philippines

We arrived at the hotel early (well almost 6:00 pm) our flight from Dubai was late for an hour. Fortunately, I didn’t book a flight in the afternoon cause if I did everything would be catastrophic.

Checked-in at the hotel then afterward we decided to eat our dinner at the hotel. The rain was pouring and I don’t want to go out even if I really want to eat “Chickenjoy” (haha) my Jollibee dish favorite.

Did you remember my post with Jollibee last year? you’ll get to see another one this time!

the dinner

Dinner was fine, my partner ordered this luscious “Sizzling Squid” obviously it’s squid with seasoning, garlic, onion, tomato, and oyster sauce. It looks yummy, right? For me, it was Rice with Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet.

I ordered a “Calamansi Juice” the Philippine Lime and Mr. Dobby (my hubby) ordered his “San Miguel Beer” It was a great night after that long haul trip, it’s really good to fill our stomach at the end of the day.

We ended our stay in early in the morning. Flight to Zamboanga Philippines is 12:55 pm I was excited to see my family again!

I’m Home! Zamboanga Philippines

zamboanga philippines

After the battle of haggardness and no sleep (lol just kidding) I did sleep a little, it’s more of the jet lag I guess. We are finally here in Zamboanga City, my home!

I manage to say “Hi” to my cousin who’s working at the airport and we had our “selfies”, moving on I had my “Mamang & Papang” Mom & Dad waiting for us in the arrival area outside.

We also have our “chauffeur” from the Hotel where we will stay for 4 nights. It was a teary moment to see my parents again after 9 months, and for Mr. Dobby? well it’s been 2-3 years I guess since the day of “Meet the Parents” juncture again (haha)

zamboanga city

I gently ask the chauffeur if it’s okay to let my Mom ride with us to the Hotel. The driver said “yes” and Oh my Dad? he drove a little Yellow Caravan car.

Our Hotel? I know you’re all curious about it’s the Hacienda de Palmeras Hotel and Restaurant for 4 nights normally. Let’s hope everything will go well for the following days to come.

At the Hotel

Hacienda Palmeras

The Hotel was really nice and serene, it looks like a private property place but it’s actually a hotel with a reputed restaurant. It’s our second time here oh well, my partner’s second and for me it’s officially the first time.

This is the same hotel where my hubby stayed when he first visited in the Philippines. That was way back 8 years already, whew! time flies so fast!

hotel zamboanga

The day before the Wedding of my Brother was very busy, I have to prepare everything first. We unpacked our luggage, separated those things to give as souvenirs /pasalubong (not a lot cause I didn’t have the budget)

Our first day was quite sportive, we have to change into another room cause the first one doesn’t have any internet connection at all. While I was on my way to buy some necessary stuff, my hubby called saying we’ll change another room.


For our breakfast, it wasn’t that “copieux” means generous portion, just normal. The same with other hotels, but the taste is way more delicious than other hotels I’ve been to.

My favorite part is the dessert, we have a slice of “Papaya” with calamansi. I just love it!

I have to say the highlight of our stay in Hacienda de Palmeras is its enticing food. We had our complimentary breakfast for 2 days and it was magic! Why 2 days? I’ll tell it all to you the whole story!

Meeting Jollibee Again


For our dinner of the night, I planned to eat at the Hotel’s Restaurant cause I know they have the best food in town. But unfortunately, the restaurant is full, it’s not possible to dine in because there are walk-in clients who can eat at the hotel’s restaurant.

Hopefully, they will make a second hall exclusively for their hotel clients!

So what happened was, I dragged my parents to eat out in the biggest mall in Zamboanga Philippines which is the KCC Mall. It was only four of us since my brother can’t go and his fiancée either.

We do have this tradition that the future husband & wife must not see each other before the wedding day. It sounds bizarre but it happens to be true! I’m not pretty sure if it’s 24 hours of just at night-time, from what I know I haven’t seen my brother that day cause they are super occupied with all the preparations that they needed to do.


Well, let’s move on, that night we were at KCC Mall. The first thing we did? we were so hungry so we went to eat at one of my hubby’s favorite “Chowking” in Zamboanga Philippines. He literally loves the “Buchi” and “Halo-Halo” there.

The Famous Halo-Halo

Halo Halo

It was passed 8:30 pm and almost all the shops are starting to close, fortuitously, this fast food shop was still open. There were fewer people than Jollibee, so we ate here.

lomi chowking

I had a “Lomi” noodle soup, and the three had this menu with a “Buchi” and “Kropek” and fried noodles & meat. I chose this one cause I still feeling this undefinable dizziness perhaps it’s the jet lag effect.

Don’t worry I’m not pregnant (haha) I’m just a sensitive person when it comes to riding bus, car, boat, and mainly airplane. If you happen to read my “Top 11 facts about me” you’ll know how wretched I am.

The Wedding Day


It was Thursday, the day of the wedding of one of the important person in my life. The wedding is at 2:00 pm at the church near our hotel. I was so excited to witness this Matrimonial Ceremony.

Everybody is preparing for the wedding, the whole family went for a photo shoot. All are on their best alluring image with all this gowns and tuxedos.

the wedding

Hubby and I were preparing ourselves at the hotel, he surely loves to dress with a “Barong Tagalog” (a traditional Filipino’s national dress. It’s an embroidered shirt) for this wedding, however, we were too late to search for a bigger size that fits him.

We will surely look for it in Cebu, I’m sure there are larger and bigger sizes of Barongs there.

wedding day

The wedding was a grandiose event, everything was on point it was like a dream wedding or every woman in this world. Both family and relatives were present, this was the occasion that leads each one of us to be united.

It was very emotional to witness! I got teary-eyed as well. (can’t believe that my brother is getting married at this specific time) I felt proud of to be his sister. All their struggles as a couple are now paid off and that destiny has brought them to this day. 

wedding brother

I wish them all the best, all the blessings, all the love, all the courage for their next journey as a married couple. Of course, I would love to become an Aunt soon.

The day after the Wedding


What really happened the day after the wedding? It was dramatic! We changed another hotel! Yes, we did.

Due to both of our responsibilities/work we were forced to change a hotel the next day. The problem? we need to have a good internet connection. Palmeras Hotel was perfect but for a blogger and a geek like us, we have too many responsibilities online that we have to be available online as much as possible.

However, Palmeras Hotel is perfect for those who love to stay on the scenic and laid-back ambiance. 

Next time we’ll be more ready for this, we will surely by a walking wi-fi with us (haha) you all guys know what I mean. Watch out for my review of this Grand Astoria Hotel for sure.

parents house

After all this drama, at last, we did have what we needed. We have installed all our belongings and now it’s time to visit my parent’s house!

Mom prepared lunch for us, so sweet, right? of course, she’s the best Mom ever!

The First thing that I have noticed when we enter the house is these two cutie cats. And oh actually there are 3 dogs at home and 2 baby cats and they live harmoniously.

Family Lunch at Casa Velyn

casa velyn

Our 4th day in Zamboanga Philippines, and I could say after these busy days we were able to eat out as a whole family. My grandfather was also there and my brother and his wife.

We were so happy to have each other this day, our plan is to eat for lunch then either watch a movie then Fort Pilar or the other way around. I have to spend the best of it cause this is my second to the last day, tomorrow will be our flight back to Cebu.

Casa Velyn

I’m very contented, with this limited time we did our best to be with stay together as a family. It’ll be another year before I could see them again or more than a year (depending on my budget) I have to live it to the fullest.

I won’t divulge too much information about this restaurant, wait for my first ever Restaurant Review. It’ll be out soon!

Family Movie Night

movie night

My family’s first movie night out together this year. I remember last year, we also did the same movie night out but that time without my hubby. This time would be special cause we are all present.

Oh, a quick info for you guys, in Zamboanga Philippines the movie tickets are so cheap compared in Europe. Prices are from 3 euros and above per person. Amazing isn’t it?

What did we watch? Pitch Perfect 3 If you didn’t know our family is musically inclined, I have mentioned last time that me, my Dad, sister & brother play guitar. My Mom can sing as well (she’ll be happy to read this)

Fort Pilar Zamboanga Philippines

fort pilar

Later on, we went to Fort Pilar to light candles and pray. It really distinctive when you are in your own country, you feel more at ease and satisfying. When I was in Brussels people would stare at me if I do a “sign of the cross” before going out or starting my day. But here it’s just normal!

fort pîlar

This day was a fulfillment for me, I felt overjoyed with all the happenings. This vacation is pretty terse, I don’t have much time to spend it all with my family. Even my friends (I haven’t met any of them).

On the other hand, I have given all my time to my family which is the essential part. I hope to meet my friends on my next visit and hang out with them one time.

Bidding Goodbye!

goodbye zambo

Time has come to bid goodbye to my beloved city Zamboanga Philippines. And to my family too, it was hard! my heart turns into pieces seeing them sad. But it’s all partial cause I’ll be coming back hopefully next year.

For the time being, we’ll have a short Honeymoon oh! not us my brother and his wife. We’ll be traveling together to Cebu and Bohol next. Join us on our next adventure! 

I would like to thank again all the individuals who attended the wedding of my Brother and Sister-in-Law, Thank you for all your generosity! Thank you for being part of this memorable day of our lives!

Thanks and credit to the wedding’s photographers from M.A. Foto Zamboanga

Sensational 4 nights Layoff in Zamboanga Philippines

4days layoff

lexie in zamboa

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  1. Rahat Arora says:

    That’s really a nice experience of Philippines and also congratulations for your brother’s wedding.

  2. Kelly says:

    Wow, what a tremendous experience this looks like! “Mamang & Papang” has such a lovely ring to it and your Jollibee meeting really made me smile, I love cheesy pics with characters like that. I took loads with Signor Frog in Mexico 🙂

    The wedding looks like something out of Disney and I LOVE it <3

  3. Amanda says:

    Your trip looks so beautiful and the wedding must have been amazing. I am always so intrigued with other people’s cultures and how they celebrate big events like that.

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks, Amanda, I appreciate that your curiosity about others culture. It’s sometimes hard to explain to others when we have these specific traditions that we have to follow (I mean we don’t really follow we just do naturally do it) cause It’s already in our nature and blood.

  1. March 9, 2018

    […] Thank you for reading our adventure and bearing with us in this long haul trip, follow us next on our less than 24 hours stay at the Hotel and our 4 nights layoff in Zamboanga City. […]

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