4 hours Roadtrip from Prague to Western Poland

The third day of our short vacation/birthday treat has begun, and how did we spend it? just one and another thing we love to do. Roadtrip to Poland! I would say this is one of those off beaten track. that we have as we love to be impulsive when it comes to choosing our travel destination.

The destination? city of Wroclaw found in western Poland. Approximately 350 kilometers (220 mi) from the Baltic Sea to the north and 40 kilometers (25 mi) from the Sudeten Mountains to the south.

Adieu Prague


sunny day

Before our jaunt commences, we first went to check to a Shell gasoline station. To assure everything is doing good in terms of our car’s engine and condition.

Actually, since the second day, we met some struggles with one of our car’s tire (left front). We rechecked and verify everything and now we are ready to go!

on the road

yellow color

high way

The day seems perfect, the weather was nice, and the sun is shimmering. Getting on the high way and eventually, on the big routes, it was flawless. There wasn’t a huge traffic, the road flow was just perfect for our short road trip.

As a “routard” in the sense of traveler, we invariably love to do some exploration and discoveries of neighboring cities that we visited. Being on the road gives a great chance to self-reflect, to clear our minds, and amaze the glimpse of nature.

Fine Dining in a Plane?


An hour later, still on the road, of course, I have seen this unusual place. I guess it was a restaurant installed inside the airplane, I’m not that 100% sure yet but It cannot be a simple plane in this kind of road.

Viewing from a sneak glimpse that I have witnessed since the car was on it high-speed. The plane established with a building on its right side and there were people in its vicinity, which means it’s not possible to take off in this area.

If it was really a restaurant or even a kind of store, that will be a great idea to have. Brilliant idea I can say, a dining restaurant inside the plane, that would be really awesome. What do you think?

Improbable Rock Mountains


mountain rock

Minutes after, another outlook from afar astound my attention. It was this gigantesque rock shape like a mountain. Unfortunately, my phone’s camera isn’t that much high quality than my eyes, it cannot picture out the same what I have seen.

I haven’t had the time to see on the GPS for our site that time, but pretty sure we are still in the Czech Republic.

Welcome to Poland

welcome to Poland

At last, after 2 hours on the road, we are here, in Poland! but wait we are just actually half way of our destination. Crossing the border between two countries you’ll expect something like “Welcome to (name of the country)” well in Poland, I haven’t seen any of it.

As I’ve seen on the GPS, we are in Szklarska Poręba, a city situated on the border of the country.

Stop! Look! and Listen!

train rail

Rail Train

One of the most incredible parts of this road trip is exploring and discovering the new country I’ve never been to. Poland is one of those countries that I have imperatively envy of a visit.

Some roads connected with the rail of a train, which I find very cool. I had already witness once when we where in northern Belgium, a tram was crossing the road (horizontal way) it was really amazing to watch.

This time, we just passed by but there’s no train at that moment. Perhaps next time we will meet that train passing through this rail. Who knows right?


lake view

Usually what you see on the road and its surroundings are cars, trees, and nature (normal sight). However, in this country, there are more sites to find and admire.

A huge lake was just there waiting for me to take a photo of it. It looks magnificent sadly I can’t stop the car to get closer to it.

Almost there, Music Mode on

tunnel road

tunnel passage

passage tunnel

Yes! approaching Wroclaw, yet I’m feeling sleepy four hours is a long trip to endure. I know you’ll ask me what did I do during that period of time? well, first I slept (as usual).

Second I was taking a lot of pictures using my phone (in high-speed mode) and third I was surfing online (within EU surfing is free). Lastly, at the same time, I have my personal playlist with me synchronized with the car.

I constantly listen to the French, Belgian, Spanish, and American artists. If you really wanna know my playlist, I can show some.

My favorite French singers/performers at the moment:

Christophe Maé, Matt Pokora, Joyce Jonathan, Tal, and Jenifer.

Animé is my life

the sun

mill on the road

On the other hand, I’m also reading “One Piece” scan online, and the story of Luffy is getting exciting in the Mirror World, I’m sure not all of you are a fan of Anime, (me? yes! yes! yes!)

joyless I don’t have Pachimari on our side to make our day lighter, If you have followed my road trips you’ll know who is Pachimari (our baby). at least I have my dobby (my hubby) on my side driving like a cool F1 racer with his Toyota Yaris.

Vanquishing the 4 hours lap

city wroclaw

avion in the sky

Finally, we are here!! I can’t wait to see in Wroclaw, watching at that plane on the sky moving like the bee, it reminds of one place where I always love to be (airport).

Park wroclaw


I hope my road trip adventure didn’t make you sleep, nor bored. You should watch out the next chapter of our trip. Exploring Wroclaw to the fullest.

Other ways to get to Wroclaw from Prague

Flexibus: from 5 – 10 hours depending on the time schedule for 11-60 euros per person.

InterCity Train: from 4-6 hours depending on the time schedule for 30-100+ euros person.

Car: about 3.5 – 4 hours (toll-free road)

road to wroclaw

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20 Responses

  1. Helene Choo says:

    The road trip looks very scenic:D You have great ways to make time pass faster:) I get carsick from reading, so I can only listen to music:D I used to read One Piece, but I stopped because I was borrowing the anime from my friend and he stopped buying them:P

    • Alexine says:

      Wow really? That’s surprising to hear! Yeah me too sometimes when I’m on the road I can’t read that much but if the road is straight my head is just fine.

  2. Travelquartz says:

    I love roadtrips and the photos just made me feel like I was actually there. The plane restaurant is awesome concept. What an awesome way to celebrate. 🎉

  3. Aditi says:

    Oh wow. This was one hell of a road trip. Must do this sometime. Can’t wait for your Wroclaw chapter.

    • Alexine says:

      thank you so much Aditi, can’t wait for you food trips too. I always watch food shows on TV and now I’m following all your food discoveries 🙂

  4. Tyra says:

    Reading your post made me realized I don’t take enough photos in Road trips haha. Europe has some amazing scenic views, Texas not so much. On road trips you mainly see cows, grass, corn, gas stations, repeat. I read some Anime, but now I’m totally hooked on watching because my boyfriend looooves it. He has me watching a Death Note and enjoys laughing at my reactions with every episode. Enjoy your time in Wroclaw!! Excited to read your posts

    • Alexine says:

      Hahaha Tyra, I know what you mean, well sometimes it’s boring when you have a long trip, I always try to maximize my time to feature all the interesting parts on the road. 4 hours is not that long I can say. Death Note?? I’m a super fan! if you have read my top 20 animé favorites you’ll know.

  5. Heraa says:

    I love road trips and this one is so scenic I would love to go on this one. I would never get tired of looking outside to such amazing views.

  6. Wow sounds like an incredible road trip! Would love to try this! so scenic and gorgeous!

  7. Alex says:

    I love road trips (although still learning to drive ha!) – this one looks really cool and Poland has a really interesting history.

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Alex, your not alone me too (need to learn to drive!) though it’s not yet urgent for me to learn it rapidly. Thanks, Poland had a great history I confirm!

  8. Michael says:

    That looks like a fantastic road trip. It’s like there are so many places to go and not enough time.

  9. DTG says:

    Road trips are total fun, loved your photos and the beautiful landscapes. Great read. I actually love renting cars when I travel and driving round exploring.

  10. timaya says:

    what an awesome trip you had,I wish I will be in Europe one day. Goodluck all the way!

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