My Top 20 Ultimate Anime Favourites

  • rosario2_1_5384
  • beelzebub04
  • 60cb104e3e394e9dc3da014768afcac4
  • YuYuHakushoGang
  • berserk.59919
  • Inuyasha_Kagome_reunited
  • Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard
  • dbz-is-one-of-the-top-50-rated-shows-of-all-time-photo-u1
  • bleach_hollow_ichigo_by_estheryu
  • One_Punch_Man_TV_Anime_Key_Visual
  • naruto-shippuden-peliculas
  • akame__akame_ga_kill___by_yukirito92-d7wdbr5
  • 1448351732-1f421ba6f374e554c1b9f2b6f2cdaece
  • Soul-Eater-Wallpaper-Background-Windows-Anime
  • Main
  • artworks-000198635257-akmejy-t500x500
  • 0hunt
  • tokyo_ghoul_5787
  • Attack-on-titan-season-2
  • img
  • deathnote-1280-1490294885083_1280w
  • aaaatiopp

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32 Responses

  1. thank you, what about your top favourites?

  2. Great list. A lot of my favs especially death note, and Naruto, akame ga kill, and so many more. But a lot of classics as well

  3. Thank you Anime_Girls_NYC I’m pretty far from your reviews but yeah I’m a classic anime fan and the other side I love those wierd and mysterious anime stories.

  4. thephraser says:

    New world to me – loved looking through them. Thanks. Georgie

  5. thank you for sparing a little time to read this article. yeah its a complete out of the box world as I can personally express my love of this anime side of mine.

  6. Danny says:

    Nice selection! You should check out Haikyu!

  7. Sure I will thanks for the recommendation 👍

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  3. November 5, 2017

    […] InuYasha is one of my Top Favourite Animes, the moment I saw Angelina’s cosplay style I said this is it I have to ask her for an […]

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