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Chronicle Lover? Amazing Berlin Awaits You Part2

Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin Most Berliners believe that this is the most beautiful place in Germany and indeed in all countries in europe. Its best known for the architectural trio which are the German (Deutscher Dom), French Cathedral (Franzosischer Dom) and Concert Hall (Schinkel’s KonzertHaus) made this square the most magnificient and outstanding image that differs from all other places. The French Cathedral (Franzosischer Dom) is built by a Frenchman and intended it to be a church for french protestants who had fled in Berlin way back 17th Century. on the other hand the Concert Hall was built as a theater to...


Chronicle Lover? Amazing Berlin Awaits You Part1

Berlin, Germany The Capital of Germany located at the northeastern part, Its worldly known for its beloved country’s emblematic history which until now has its traces that can be found in the City. It’s the largest among all of the cities of Germany  it’s also covered with numerous parks, forests, gardens, rivers, and lakes. It also has a temperate climate like Lugano, a bit glacial in winter and warm in summer. About the People This City as a lot of variety of foreign residents although German is the official language. Apparently locals can speak different languages, since they have foreigners...