Prague Castle, Cathedral and its highlight

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  1. Aaawww! Memory triggers for one country we’ve been as family very recently! And we’ve been done the exact same thing at the palace like you. Seems like family travel is the same like any other travel, right?

  2. Travelquartz says:

    Prague is such a fairytale location. I’m planning to go there soon. I am saving this article to plan my trip.

  3. Michael says:

    The architecture looks magnificent. I never looked at Prague as a destination to visit before. I shall have to revise that opinion.

  4. I think my favorite way into the castle is from Nerudova Street. And if you go later, you can usually miss the tourist crowds. I remember back before the security check was added, the Castle grounds were open until 11, so you could walk around at night. It was always empty and really romantic.

  5. sumanth says:

    Daman.. Amazing clicks mate. This place is so awesome and well written. Hope to see more articles coming through

  6. Kimberly says:

    The architecture of these places is breathtaking! I’ve always heard good things about Prague so I definitely should go and see it for myself. Great post !

  7. Noel says:

    I think I’ve said it over and over and I’ll say it again. If there is only a single city I’d be allowed to visit in Europe, I’ll go to Prague.

  8. Helene says:

    What a lovely cathedral! I love visiting cathedrals in different cities, and I always get sad when they charge… This one looks a bit like the gothic cathedral in Cologne, Germany!

  9. Jim says:

    Excellent photos. You put me back on the hill.

  1. October 31, 2017

    […] was our way to get home from Prague to Brussels City. I still kept all the photos and vids though cause I did want to share it. […]

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