Harley Quinn Cosplayer Crystal, Puerto Rico

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  1. Helene Choo says:

    OMG I love Harley Quinn!! I swear I’ve said this about pretty much every single cosplayer character you’ve interviewed haha! Maybe I’m even more of a nerd than I think I am… Her version is amazing!! I also love her vision of creating more racially diverse superheroes/villains:D I’d love to do an Asian version:D

  2. i can stop thanking you for the kind of info you provide on this site, please keep it up

  3. aditi says:

    That’s one bold and beautiful cosplayer. I love her unique and innovative costumes. Cheers!!

  4. Tyra says:

    Is his last photo of her dressed as Penny from the Proud Family?! Waaah if it is that’s awesome! Cosplay is so cool, just barely maybe in college heard and knew about it. I didn’t imagine the amount of work that goes into each costume. These people are all talented! One day I hope to be Shego from Kim Possible.

  5. Travelquartz says:

    I love Harley Quinn as a character. Getting to know about cosplayer was such a delight. It must be a great feeling to dress up like her. I read that she was most preferred character inspiration in previous Halloween too. Loved this interview.

  6. DTG says:

    Great post and so interesting, the outfits are so amazing, I want my own outfit now, after reading all these posts.
    Loved reading this interview. Great series you have shared.

  1. November 12, 2017

    […] both. The famous villain that everyone hated. Before up to present with its history of love with Harley Quinn which we all fell in love. Our next cosplayer to take part today is the Suicide Squad Joker […]

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