Guilty Crown Cosplayer Sara, Spain

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  1. Rahat Arora says:

    I enjoyed to read your posts on cosplayer which are very interesting. Nice post written.

  2. Helene Choo says:

    Yay Madrid! didn’t know there was such an active cosplay scene here:) I love her point about not just putting on the costume and dressing up as the character, but acting like the character and BEING the character. So cool!

  3. Tyra says:

    Yaaaay another cosplay interview. Always excited to read these even though I don’t know much about cosplay, I’m learning. It will be super cool if she goes to Japan. I looooved it when I was there, I’m hoping to go again. I like how with cosplay although you dress an be another character, you still express yourself. Even for Sara, although she was shy, she seemed grow and really enjoy cosplay

  4. Aditi says:

    I am getting to know about cosplayers in the most elaborate way possible through your posts. Thanks for that! This is yet another unique one with a really evolving sense of style. Cheers!!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Aditi, I’m so happy to hear that. I know it will be off topic to other bloggers and that they might that be very familiar about this topic, I’m just happy to be able to share more information, more experience based from cosplayers themselves.

  5. Travelquartz says:

    Just like every other post we have a unique story and message here. being like a character and not only being in costume is such an important input here. this just shows how serious is this work and requires a lot of focus as well. Kudos to the efforts they put in. Lovely pictures again Alexine , thanks for introducing us to the best of it !

  6. Ollivia says:

    I love these anime.. wow.. Alexi I love this!!!

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