20€ in Rome Challenge! Day 1

Rome, Italy

Rome has a lot of museums, landmarks, monuments, we are talking about Colosseum, Faro Romano, Altar of the Fatherland. Those are some places that has entrance fees so its a matter of way to find a good spot to visit freely.

Often times we get good quality hotels (above average) with wonderful services and amenities we’re talking about 40 – 65 euros per night.

A lot of people might say that it is impossible to travel without spending that much, people tend to buy stuffs and souvenirs every time. They are out of their own city but it is really possible to travel without breaking your bank?

Without using your credit limits? and just travel and enjoy every single penny or euro?

 Well I can say is YES its possible but of course with a lot of particular exemptions and conditions. Most likely on visiting some monuments or famous landmarks that cost so high that even 20 euros a day. It wouldn’t be enough for food and transportation.

The Challenge?

Vacation is vacation its the time of spending the money that you have save for last 3 to 5 months, its like a break free, work free, stress free gateway.

Lets face it, you wouldn’t care how much you’ll spend on vacation right? all you basically do is withdraw money form the nearest ATM then pay cash or credit card every time you want to buy something.

This time travelling as couple and spending less than 20 euros per person a day in Rome is a huge challenge to us. Considering that we are a big consumer when it comes to food, we usually use car every time we travel to make sure to visit the other cities nearby.

The challenge is to survive 4 days in Rome being frugal and wise spender as possible. Do you think we can do it? I really hope so lets find it out.

It was late in the afternoon when we arrive at the FCO airport of Rome. We have already reserve in advance a ticket of the bus from there to the city that way it’ll be hassle free for us.

I only thing to worry is how to get to the hotel the name was Domus Caracalla a 35 euro/night B&B breakfast included for 2 persons. Place not too far from the famous Colosseum about more than 1 kilometer away.

Definitely walking distance from everything. Arriving in the central city we took the metro/subway to get to San Giovani stop and walk from there to the hotel.

View from the room

Arriving at the place, we were surprise to see a condominium type of building we thought that we were wrong. We ask the lady (turn out to be the receptionist)  infront of the main gate and she said we are in the right address.

The receptionist was very kind, she gave us the key of our room and explained to us about how the hotel works.

She continuosly point out to us about the breakfast commonly served early in the morning from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. So we requested it to be 8:00 am to be sure to be ready to go after eating.

The hotel wasn’t really bad at all considering that we paid low for the low season price. However in Rome there will be and always be crowded when it comes to tourists population.

Terrace of the room

photo I took early in the morning of the next day

After installing all our stuffs we went outside to see how it looks like, despite of the time we didn’t care about it cause we need to find a grocery store or restaurants to eat for diner.

Searching for the grocery shop in the environs, the place was already getting dark. Time for us to definetely eat our super since we haven’t ate anything after the flight.

We did found a bakery nearby and bought something to eat. 1 slice of pizza of any flavor was 1,50 it was big slices so we took 4 pieces and a big bottle of water which cost us 7 euros for everything, cheap isn’t it?

Officially passed the day 1 challenge, pretty easy cause we spent only for diner, that’s gonna be hard for a one whole day I assume.

The metro ticket costs us 3 euros and food was 7 euros total of 10 euros for this first day, the first thing to do tomorrow is definitely find a grocery store that will make it a cinch for us.

Just to be sure we are 100% strangers here we don’t know anyone, even a friend or relatives so it purely a gambling to assure our survival oh stay rather, survival is too extreme.

I’m excited for the next day wishing it’ll be a happy sunny  day.



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7 Responses

  1. Very impressive combinations of colour! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you for your kind words

  3. I am looking forward to you guys to keep up on your challenge. Heard that Rome is a bit expensive but I know like any travelers you guys will always find a way to be Frugal Travelers.

    • Alexine says:

      thanks to your encouraging words, and yes some places are really expensive but there’s always some corners who are more cheaper than the others, locals are very helpful too 🙂 happy travelling to you too.

  1. February 6, 2018

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